Out of body sex or as I call it out of body ecstasy is a wonderous thing. But there are plenty of times when the sexual attraction of another is bad timing or simply not wanted.

I’ve mentioned in the past how to fend off astral and dream sex advances.

Here are some pointers to fending off telepathic out of body sex advances:

Simple: Tell the energy “No” in a stern and commanding voice. This is always your first line of protection/defense.

Basic Wall: Tell the energy “No” in a stern and commanding voice while simultaneously imagining a steel circular wall clamping down around you. It helps if you can imagine hearing the “clink or clank” of the steel wall moving into place.

Advanced Wall: Imagine either a wall of fire or of nails (with the sharp end pointing out) around you as protection. If they do not move away – imagine either the fire chasing them or the nails flying out in all direction to puncture them.

Any of the above and the past astral and dream protection – will also help/apply to regular telepathic connections, dreams and astral travel.

Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 🙂

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  1. I was having telepathic sex with someone, we astral traveled as I listened to his voice.Played different roles.I a m a healer and an empath.I did not protect myself, I started feeling codependent I experienced wonderful things and it seemed to help develop my skills.Yet panic attacks,and re traumatic events appeared which I still haven’t resoved as still come into my thoughts without warning. Then I found out he wasn’t single,I telepathically ripped into him wondered how long I had been healing him sending love to him all the while he had a partner?
    I still love him and have tried not to want to him.I have cut cords, asked for my personal power back.Now when I listen to him he talks quickly I feel his distaste that I’m listening to him.I knew we would not be together in the physical form, telepathic union was special to me.I thought he was my twin flame.I feel I was used by yet another man and treated pretty badly.It has consumed me and the old traumatic stuff as well.

    1. Hi Dee, are you from Miami by any chance? Sorry but you sound like you have my problem…exactly. Please let me know since the timing is similar to my timing too. Thanks


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