Paging Ms. Horn-Dog!

Oh hell, that would be me, wouldn’t it?

The porn investigation is moving right along. Getting in Porn Queen mode and I’ll probably be stuck there for the rest of my natural life! I’ll be the spitting image of the long-tit granny in Playboy when I’m in my 70’s – LOL! Bill has not been helping my inescapable horniness. As soon as my hands feel like they are in fire -I know that he is utilizing our constant connection and it’s just a matter of time before I have to go play with one of my toys.

We had a telepathic connection today where he and I were meeting at some party – it was an instant “on” from the word go. We are out on a balcony, I get that is NYC, and he leans in to show me something on the skyline that I cannot see or find. But when he’s so close – the inevitable happens and we kiss. It wasn’t any old kiss – it was deep and passionate. I can feel the hunger in his mouth, his wanting – probing for me. His left hand slides up the back of my head, in my hair and just grabs on. We break apart – both of us breathing so heavy we should hyperventilate. Bill stares at me our eyes are locked on one another. I telepathically tell him that I don’t want him to stop. He glances around and there is no one heading towards the balcony. He steps towards me and our lips lock in a flurry of passion. At the same time my physical body is like – WOW – almost if I had liquid fire coursing through my veins. There was no way I could just sit here at my computer – not a chance in hell.

Have OhMiBod will travel. Having an iPod never felt so good — and thankfully I have plenty of Ozzy on the iPod (vibes in the sex toy correspond to the vibes in the music/story/movie on the iPod) so that the vibes really vibe!

So as Bill has me up against a brick wall in the telepathic connection, I’m on my brand new high thread count sheets – enjoying every second of the pleasure.

I’ll probably be a Ms. Horn-Dog until they put me in the grave…..and I know Bill and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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