I talk to a lot of people from all over the world. One thing that I have found no matter the gender, race, social status or geographic location — we have all had highly charged sex dreams at least twice in our lives (that can be remembered).

You know the type of dream I’m talking about – the kind where you can feel the lips, hands and sexual organs of the other person in the dream. For many men, the dreams are so vivid that they are commonly referred to as “wet dreams” — their orgasm is what wakes them up. Women too can have “wet dreams” but they are not talked about as much as a woman’s sexuality is not as open as a man’s sexuality. Something that really needs to be changed – there’s nothing shameful or wrong about talking about sex.

Now – that said — I created this blog for people to be open about their OBE (astral, dream and telepathic) sex experiences. Yet, I seem to be the only one that posts. Not entirely sure why, could be the embarrassment factor – could be that their experiences do not sound the same as mine and therefore they feel they are interesting enough to post.

Nobody experiences the same thing the same way – and that includes sex. All experiences are important – the more people understand that this does exist and this isn’t something in their head – the more people will speak out. All it takes is the 1st step — and by putting myself out there on public display – I’ve done that 1st step. Now I need you to walk with me.

If you have a story you want to talk about but you want to remain in “super secret private” mode — email me at obe @ gypsygirlpress.net or allie @ gypsyadvice.com and I will post your story for you. If you would like to be a reg. contributor to the blog, let me know and I will send you an invite.

The OBE sex book I am writing, I do not want it to be all about me and my experiences. I want it flavored by sexual experiences by a wide array of people. If you have a story and it’s picked for the book – I will give you $50.00 and a copy of the book.

Won’t you help me bring OBE sex into the mainstream?

Thank you!
Allie 🙂

Questions about Out of Body Ecstasy? Click here to check out the OBE FAQ. Want to know more about telepathic, dream, or astral sex? Ready to add an orgasmic layer to your sex life no matter if you are in a relationship or flying solo? Check out my book Out of Body Ecstasy at Amazon today!

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