Over the last several weeks I’ve had a few people email me about OBE sex and the sex coaching I do. How does it all work? What can one expect? I revamped the Sex Coaching page somewhat in order to answer some of the concerns.

One of the most frequent questions I get is if I engage in OBE sex with my clients. The answer is simple – no I don’t. I can however, be a passive observer to help you with your techniques.

Very soon I’m going to introduce a fellow sex coach and OBE sex expert as a guest blogger here on Out of Body Ecstasy! Love it! And I know you guys will love her — she’s top notch! So watch this space 🙂

The other night I was too lazy to do anything but not tired enough to fall asleep. I decided to embark on astral sex. 

After astral separation, I noticed a hooded man wearing a deep purple cloak standing next to my bed watching me sleep. I should have been angry – or maybe even scared – but I was neither. Even though I had no clue who this energy was – I could sense he meant no harm. He glanced over at my astral self – nodded and disappeared.

I then imagined myself being somewhere that was nothing but water. Next thing you know I’m underwater moving around like Aquawoman. From my right came this bright white glow. I turned and it moved towards a cavern. I heard it tell me to follow. So I did.

Next thing I remember I’m in this cavern with the guy who was next to my bed! The underwater white light was him! He asked me to stay in body form – I did. His left hand then turned into a energy rod that he entered into my sacral chakra. It felt like my body was an energy conductor. A series of strong energy pulses originated from the sacral chakra and fanned out. He then pushed further in, and then down and held it for a few seconds. I could feel the energy building even stronger. Right when I thought I couldn’t take the energetic excitement any more – he twisted the energy rod clockwise — that gave me the strongest orgasm I have ever had. My astral body slammed back into my physical body as I was riding the orgasmic wave. After multiple orgasms I just laid there and thought – holy shit, what was that?!

Needless to say – I had no problem sleeping.

Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 🙂

Questions about Out of Body Ecstasy? Click here to check out the OBE FAQ. Want to know more about telepathic, dream, or astral sex? Ready to add an orgasmic layer to your sex life no matter if you are in a relationship or flying solo? Check out my book Out of Body Ecstasy at Amazon today!

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