OBE sex is the exchange of energy between at two or more willing souls. But if one soul is doing all of the giving and not getting much in return, then the OBE relationship is one-sided and draining. Just as in a physical relationship, it takes two to have sexual relations and to keep the relationship alive. A one-sided relationship is stressful and draining. No one needs to put themselves in that position.

What Do You Do If You Find Yourself In This Sexual Situation

1. Tell the other party how you feel and ask for change.
2. Break up.

Now if this were a physical relationship – doing either – while not pleasant, all you have to do is pick up a phone.

In an OBE sex relationship, communication happens a bit different. You already have an energy connection with the person – now you send a message telepathically.

How You Send The Telepathic Message

  • Focus in on your partner – imagine every detail about them – including their environment, clothes, hair, mood, etc.
  • Send the white light that is around you to them. Think of it as you two are now encased in a big white bubble.
  • Wait for the physical sign that you are connected: solar plexus chakra could vibrate or feel “odd,” you could get dizzy, lightheaded, get a headache, etc… Whatever the sign is that is unique to you – it will come on suddenly.
  • In simple terms tell them that I break up or that you need your feelings & energy reciprocated.
  • Bring the white energy back to you.
If nothing changes then you will have to break off contact. It’s too draining to you to do anything else. If this isn’t a mutual OBE sex relationship than what they are is an Energy Vampire. No one needs that.
When you stop contact, they will reach out. If someone has been getting something for nothing and then that something is taken away — they will want it back. Human nature.
Up to you what you do. But to stop them from connecting you can say “No” when you feel their energy. You can “push” them away with your thoughts. You can also have Archangel Micheal come in and cut the ethereal cords that bind the two of you together – then Archangel Raphael comes in and heal the wounds where the cords once were located.
Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 🙂

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