In case you do not get over to the Allie’s Two Cents blog:

Just an FYI as this class is filling up fast. I only take 25 people per class and it’s almost full. This class is conducted all via email so it doesn’t matter where you live.

I’ll be posting this notice to my Numerscope newsletter later today (this group is over 6000+). If need be I’ll add another class – but I’m not going beyond two classes at once.

Discover how to have a healthy physical sex life by experiencing the volcanic eruptions of Out Of Body Ecstasy!

**You’ll notice that I teach you how to connect and then we get into the OBE sex part**

Start: April 2

Cost: $60.00

Syllabus (subject to be altered without notice):

Lesson 1: Overview of OBE
Lesson 2: Telepathic Connection
Lesson 3: Telepathic Sex
Lesson 4: Creating Your Dreamgate
Lesson 5: Lucid Dreaming
Lesson 6: Dream Sex
Lesson 7: Basics of Astral Travel One
Lesson 8: Basics of Astral Travel Two
Lesson 9: Astral Sex
Lesson 10: Protection From Unwanted Energies
Lesson 11: OBE Sex Magic

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Questions about Out of Body Ecstasy? Click here to check out the OBE FAQ. Want to know more about telepathic, dream, or astral sex? Ready to add an orgasmic layer to your sex life no matter if you are in a relationship or flying solo? Check out my book Out of Body Ecstasy at Amazon today!

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