Are you trying to experience OBE sex and are having a difficult time making it work?

Sure it takes time to get it right.

But sometimes it’s because your energy is off. I have a grid that can fix that.

OBE Energy Sex Grid


3 Terminated Quartz Crystals (Q)
3 Rubies (can be rough) (R)
3 Carnelian (C)

Working from the outside in Quartz 1st, then Ruby, finally Carnelian, with the terminations pointed towards you:








The YOU can be just you or you and a partner. Each group of 3 stones creates a triangle for 3 triangles all together.

Construct the grid before you are to try any of the OBE Sex (astral, dream or telepathic) methods. The crystal network can also help increase sexual energy for physical sex.

For some people, the grid can be too much energy.

Until you can see how it affects you – make sure you set the alarm for 10 min tops so that your energy body can reunite with your physical body and you can assess the energy & how it made you feel.

Some people it could make them very aggressive or have them see entities they are not ready to see – for some it could throw their sexual drive into high gear.

Happy OBE’ing!


Questions? Check out the OBE FAQ page.


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