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Over the weekend I received this email (reprinted with her permission):

Allie ~
Something really bizarre just happened. Please tell me if THIS is Telepathic Sex or me just being horny!I’m sitting here at the computer, minding my own business and playing an online game… It’s 6:00 p.m. and BOOM…..I get hit with this overwhelming sense of M all over me! It’s so intense that I start rubbing my hands all over my breasts, squeezing and flicking my nipples. Thank god the kid wasn’t home! LOL I can sense his huge cock pushing its way inside of me. I literally started rocking in my chair. This is when I decided to take it to the bedroom. I was sooooo turned on! Felt flushed and hot. I immediately put two fingers inside of me…that wasn’t enough so I started feverishly rubbing my clit. That did the trick. My mind drifts to our physical experiences with each other over the last 6 years. Yum! He’s got me pinned down and thrusting madly inside of me. I’m in perfect rhythm with him. I cum AGAIN. This lasted for about 15 minutes. So… THIS telepathic sex or am I just remembering our past????


I of course told her – bang on girlfriend, you were just zapped by telepathic sex – congratulations! I can be as frank with her as she is with me because she’s been a client of mine for awhile now and it’s been such a rush watching her gifts unfold. Because Cheryl is at the beginning of an exciting spiritual and sexual journey – I’ve invited her to be a contributor to the blog and she agreed:)

Welcome Cheryl!!

She brought up an interesting point in our emails – how can you tell the difference between telepathic sex and a past memory or fantasy? Telepathic/OBE sex can be used in conjunction with a fantasy or a past memory – but telepathic sex is different because you feel the emotions and feeling associated with the connection as if that person were right in front of you. A fantasy or memory can drudge up feelings or emotions. but it doesn’t produce the vivid physical reaction as a telepathic connection does. I can fantasize all I want about having wild sex with Sawyer (after all, I am a sex toy tester), but that fantasy doesn’t come close to producing the orgasmic reaction as a connection with Will, Bill or Ted does.

Have you reached out and telepathically connected with someone today? If not – give it a shot! After all, what do you have to lose?

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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