Telepathic sex – it’s great when it works and when it is something you enjoy. It’s not so great when people do not have the common courtesy to leave you the hell alone.

The more you do telepathic sex, the more “word” gets out that your energy engages in this sort of connection. You can imagine the amount of energy/people who try to connect to me.

Luckily, I do not have to consciously turn them all down & block their energy. That would be exhausting.

Why don’t I have to consciously push them away? Because unwanted energy/person cannot connect to your private thoughts/energy automatically – nor can you act like a psychic spy/hussie and barrel in to retrieve another person’s thoughts or intrude upon their energy in a sexual manner. We all have a natural force field, or barrier that protects our thoughts from others. We do not have to think about it for it to be there as it is as automatic as a sunrise.

Now can a person/energy get around that natural barrier. If they are skilled enough & their energy is strong enough – they can barrel right through. When that happens – your resolve for keeping them out must be stronger than their resolve for getting in. One way to keep your resolve stronger is by adding a layer of protection.

My Favorite 3 Ways to Kick Unwanted Telepathic Sex Connections To The Curb

  1. White Light – To keep yourself protected during an OBE experience & keep unwanted connections at bay – before you connect or as you feel the other energy intruding – surround yourself in a brilliant white light. It’s easy to do. Just close your eyes and imagine the sky opening up and surrounding you in a bright white light. Hold the image for a few seconds, then be on your way.
  2. Simple Protection: Tell the energy “No” in a stern and commanding voice.
  3. If the 1st two don’t shoo them away – Intermediate Wall: Imagine either a wall of fire or of nails (with the sharp end pointing out) around you as protection. If they do not move away – imagine either the fire chasing them or the nails flying out in all direction to puncture them.

Personally – the onslaught of nails flying out towards them is my favorite. If they are rude enough to stick around through 1 & 2 – then I have no qualms sending spikes of not-so-friendly-energy to attach to their energy fields. Never feel bad for protecting your space. It’s YOUR SPACE and you have the right to turn down anyone.

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