New to telepathic sex? If so, the whole concept can be exciting but overwhelming. Connecting to someone anywhere in the world IS exciting & erotic. How can it not be?

I want you to enjoy yourself. Experiment. Experience.

Telepathic sex fosters a deeper intimacy between two souls & can help you find that special love. Those two reasons alone fuel me to teach this technique to as many people as I can!

To help you on your sensual adventure…

10 Quick Tips About Telepathic Sex 

  1. Think of energy as an ocean. If the earth was 100% covered in water, there isn’t any place you could not connect. If someone threw a plugged-in toaster in the water that covered the US, anyone in the water over Asia would feel the ripple effect. Same rule applies to energy (but obviously not plugged-in toasters in energy – lol).
  2. Every soul’s energy is at a different vibration – their energy signature, therefore you cannot connect to the wrong person.
  3. Whether telepathic sex is considered cheating if you connect outside the relationship is up to the people in the relationship. Everyone has their opinion.
  4. Eating red meat makes connecting more difficult because it grounds you.
  5. You can connect to those on Earth and those off of Earth. To the dead. Elementals. Spirit Guides. Everything is energy & all energy is connected.
  6. The person you connect to will always feel something sexual – although he or she may not know it is especially you that is causing the sexual feelings.
  7. Main difference between a telepathic connection & fantasy is with a telepathic connection you physically feel something different (headache, light-headed, trembling, etc..) other than the sexual feelings.
  8. Mugwort herb or oil aids in connecting.
  9. Moldavite and Faden Quartz strengthens the connection.
  10. It’s easier to connect from 3 – 6 hours after you’re awake as your energy is usually stronger and your mind sharper.

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