I had a very interesting L Word dream last night:) I’m in what I would describe as a colorful tent made of silk with fruit & bottles of wine all over the place, comfortable white lounge chairs and a massive white round bed off in the corner. Helena came up to me and told me to go back and relax on the bed. So I did. She ran and grabbed a bottle of wine, two glasses and a bowl of strawberries. When I tasted the wine – I remember a dry sip yet a mild fruity aftertaste. Couple that with the strawberries and it was wonderful. Helena mentioned something about loving my writing. I responded with a thank you – and told her that if she got me to the Planet, that I could write some saucy stuff for her and the girls. She smiled and said that it was a brilliant idea. She leaned over and gave me a very soft kiss on the mouth. I felt his hand brush the nipple of my left breast — and then I woke up.

I’ll never be able to watch the L Word in the same light again:)

And wouldn’t you know – I do have a soft spot for anything British!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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