I need to coin a phrase that is uniquely my own. One that describes things I do but in a better way than I currently have it. For example – my Empowerment Classes. They sound good – but I don’t think they get to the essence of what I’m teaching about — although I want people to take charge of their own lives – therefore empowering themselves. I just don’t think people get what I mean. If they did, I’d have more people taking the classes – right? Humm…..it’ll come to mean eventually…probably as I’m snoozing:)

Speaking about snoozing, I want to tell you about the dream visit that changed into an astral visit last night. Because of this crappy cold I have, sleeping is very difficult to do. I spend most of my time waking up and trying to find another spot to sleep where I can breath. One of the times I drifted off to sleep, I placed myself at my dream altar as I wanted to visit with Ted. When I’m at my dream altar, I have a certain crystal I move that activates the dream gate so that when I pass through, I know I’ll go to Ted. I have this same routine with Bill and Will as well – they each have their own stone/crystal.

When I went through the dream gate, I saw Ted. Next to him was this odd looking creature. I say odd as this person did not really have a body. They were more of a bodiless blob, but they were beneath a cloak – the same kind I like to wear when I approach my dream altar. I heard this voice tell me that I need to wake up and go into the astral plane as he tells me that I have to remember this experience. Ted is supposed to do the same. I ask what are we going to visit. I hear that the where doesn’t matter – it’s the “what” that I have to take back with me. SIGH. Okay — so I wake myself up and go into astral mode.

The astral plane of course was dark and dreary at first because it was that way outside. And – things were very fuzzy. So I said the clarity now speech and things cleared up. I focused in on that person blob and shot right to him – the trip there felt like I was going straight down in the world’s tallest roller coaster and I was in the front seat! Oh my poor tummy! When I stopped I was at a place that I had been to before – during a past session.

The chairs that remind me of thrones are all in place. The chairs move about on a main and are different colors. My chair is violet looking on the floor. I go to sit in it, but the voice tells me to come up onto the platform. I look at Ted and telepathically ask if he knows what is going on – he assures me that he doesn’t. Bill also arrives and is just as lost as we are. I ask this person what we are here to know. The thing turns and even through there wasn’t a face, the air changed instantly to freezing cold and I could have sworn I saw evil. Without a second thought, me, Ted and Bill merged into one. Together, we had more energy flowing through our energy fields than I had ever felt before. The blob turned and – for lack of a better way of putting this – shot some sort of beam of light at us. We deflected it and shot it right back to him. The blob disappeared – we became separate. Then from the ground the blob returned, but before we could do anything, the blob turned into Will. He smiled at us and said see – as a team we are more powerful than we are separate – we merge as soon as we have a hint of danger. He goes on to say that if just one of us was not here, we couldn’t merge like that – it has to be all three. We all have to work together as a team. I ask Will why was it him that had us do this and are we some sort of astral — Ted chimes in — super people. Will smiles again and says that he is a mentor of us three – that us 4 came into existence at the same time with him being more of a mentor -a wise one – than a participant in the powers we posses. And yes, in a way we are like super people. But it’s so much more than that.

I told him that I’m lost here and I don’t understand all of this. Bill and Ted agreed with me. Will says that it didn’t matter if we understood it – just that we had the knowledge and retained that knowledge. He then looks at Bill and Ted and asked what were they going to do now? Before I could hear an answer, I heard my cats fighting in the distance and that made me think of my body — which brought me right back. I tried to get to Bill and Ted via a dream visit last night to see what else had happened – but if they told me I do not consciously remember.

And that’s what happened. I’m not sure I get the whole scope of it — but then again, I don’t think that I’m supposed to. I hope that Bill and Ted remembered this…and Will too. I findit interesting that at the hint of danger we merged into one being.

Donning my part as Alison Ashby on The L Word tonight at 10:00 est instead of 8:00 pm est. Sure hope I can stay awake – LOL.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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