I don’t know what it is about dream sex and me lately – but I had another wow-ee last night. This time though, it was with Ted. What was odd about this one is that I woke up in the middle of it, but still had the connection via telepathically.

Ted and I were in some venue where there was a party going on — not sure why the party – but everyone was dressed up, but not in formal wear. I left the party and went out into a hall to go to the bathroom and get a drink of water. After I left the bathroom, I got my drink from the fountain. I turned, and there was Ted, looking at me in a curious way. I’ve been watching you – he said. I know – I replied.

As I walk past him to go back inside the party, he grabs my arm and yanks me to him. I fall into him, and he kisses me.

The kiss took our breaths away, and that surprised us both. He just stood there and stared at me — so I stood on my tip toes (he’s 5’10”, I’m 5’5″) grabbed his head and kissed him – but this time the kiss went much deeper – more passion – more desire. I pulled back and smiled. I’d better get back in there – I said. And I walked away leaving him standing there.

In the party, I could feel his eyes watching me no matter where I was or who I was talking to. When I would look at him – staring at me – he would not look away, but he would grin.

I left again to go back out to the bathroom – I could feel him behind me, following me out. I turned to go into the bathroom, and he grabbed my arm and whisked me into a storage closet.

You’re not getting away from me again – he whispered in my ear.

With that, he crushed his lips to mine, and our tongues probed, searched – enjoyed the exploration on one another. He kneeled on the floor. Very slowly his hands went up my skirt and pulled off my hose. His tongue flicked up my shin to the back of my knee where his tongue explored for longer than I could stand – my knees were weak and dream or no dream I couldn’t stay standing for very long.

His tongue traveled up my inner thigh, and then he stopped. I thought I was going to have a heart attack right there. He started on my other leg with my ankle, my shin, up to the back of my knee and this time though when his tongue traveled up my inner thigh, he didn’t stop until he was dead center between my legs. His teeth grabbed my soaked panties and began to pull them down…..

…..then I woke up! But the connection didn’t stop – thank God!

Slowly, I could feel my panties being taken off. Next was the sound of a zipper – and his gasp as he let his cock out of his pants — that baby was as hard as a rock.

I lowered myself on to him and with a sharp intake of breath from both of us – we rocked to our rhythm, sending us both into an orgasmic experience. When it was all over our bodies trembled and neither one of us could stop them from doing so — and yes, my physical body was trembling. He brushed back my hair, told me he loved me, kissed me gently on the mouth, and the connection was broken.

Any connection to Ted is intense. I wish I had more of them!

I know that with many people, an orgasm can make them feel drained and ready for sleep. That is usually the case for me at night-time – but 1st thing in the morning (or mid afternoon) it energizes me! A great way to start my day!

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