Another – I don’t know where to start – blog entry. I would love to sleep — for days if I could. It’ll never happen. But I would like to get some much needed shut eye. I had two other energies move into my field and since then I might as well kiss sleep good bye. I can’t get to bed before 1:00 am – no matter how hard I try – I just can’t get there. When I’m in bed I go right to sleep. But sleep is just a facade as I dream travel all night long. It’s exhausting. Between every dream visit I wake up – roll over – and go right into another visit. By time my alarm goes off at 6:30 am, it feels like I just laid down. I haven’t increased my coffee – so my headaches are pretty strong during the day. SIGH. It makes it difficult to think. Luckily – when I do reading I don’t have to think, I just let the information flow.

My son — not only do I have to worry about his MRI/MRA on Monday – but now the kid got a one day in-school suspension. Seems him and another kid were playing “army” and my son said that they should “kill” another kid. The school took that as a threat and they have a zero tolerance policy. He’s grounded until further notice with no X-Box, computer or iPod – plus I took all of his Nerf guns away. He doesn’t “get” that what he did was bad – since he was just playing. I tried explaining it to him — at least he’s majorly embarrassed. Sheesh – the kids 8 – at least I waited till I was 15 before I had my 3 day in school suspension.

Darin (the cat) went to the vet on Monday. He was pretty sick, poor little dude. He was a trooper though and let the vet poke and prod him – give him fluids and shots. He’s even being cool about me giving liquid meds 2x a day. Right now we’re guessing that somehow he caught a virus from Little Black Kitty. Not sure how — but that’s the only explanation.

The script I wrote last week won’t be done in time for the contest it was intended for. Although the foundation was solid – the execution was a train wreck. Yep – felt pretty stupid on that one. Oh well — this weekend at the latest I’ll get back to it and hopefully write something that doesn’t sound idiotic. Now that mercury is direct, I’m sure I can.

Oh the readers comment about Sawyer on the last post (I think) — oh yeah — that man is hot:) He can be without a shirt all season if need be!

Maria Shaw just informed me that on Feb 13th, she and the guys will be back on CBS on Friday nights only from 6 – 8 pm ET. It’ll be great to hear the 3 of them even if it’s just for once a week.

Finger crossed – the show that was intended for Nickelodeon is making it’s way to ABC Family. A meeting happens next week.

Now for these new energies. I have no idea what kind of baring they have on me – some sort of karmic tie I would suppose. The first one is CJ. He’s a big guy, very loving, kind – yet extremely opinioned. His energy is romantic and sexual. In a way like Vincent’s – that he wants to protect me – but not as rock solid as Vincent – if that makes any sense. CJ is also full of fun, creative and a lover of the outdoors. He’s very sexual – but sex isn’t something that’s important to him. He feels that actions, outside of sex, shows a person how much you care for them. Sex is something that feels good – but is used for making babies.

Now for KS. He’s energy is very high strung. Teasing – protective – loving – yet angry and can be violent. He loves deeply and when hurt it wounds him for life. His energy towards me is brother-like. Nothing at all sexual or romantic. It reminds me of a brother and sister who tease each other – beat each other up – but if someone attacks either one of them , the other would give their life to protect them. His energy also reminds me of a phoenix – someone who can reinvent himself and one who will also surprise people. Kind of like Madonna in the 80’s & 90’s.

So these two have been be-bopping around my energy field since last week. They take turns. I personally have had just about enough of both of them. I’d like to keep all energies at arms length for awhile.

I had the oddest vision the other day when Brigit stopped by on Imbolc to say Hi. She wanted me to stop working, close my eyes and pay attention. So I did just that. What I saw was CJ and I walking towards an elevator in a hotel. It was the penthouse elevator. Before I got to it I stopped, looked at him and said: You didn’t. He’s like – what’d I do? And I started rattling them off: Bill, Ted, Will, Vincent, George….they’re up there, in the penthouse. He denied it – I knew he was lying. I refused to go up. We argued about it – my body was shaking and I couldn’t control it. He led me into the elevator – we start to go up – when I blurt out that I didn’t tell him everything. He said what — I said – when we’re all together I’m going to die. He hit the stop button on the elevator. I had to explain to him that I’ve had visions of me having a heart attack and dying once we were all in the same room (and I actually have had this vision plenty of times). It’s vital that as soon as I have the heart attack – Will, Ted and Bill place their hands on me – while he performed CPR. Vincent and George needed to have paper and pen in hands – because as soon as I come back – I’ll have information for everyone. Plus – make sure they keep yelling for me to get back into my body – because I’m not going to want to. He thought I was nuts. I asked him not to let me die — and no matter what – he can’t give up trying to bring me back nor can the guys take their hands off of me. He agreed.

As soon as we stepped out of the elevator I met everyone. 30 sec after I hugged George – I had the heart attack. I see myself going down – CJ jumps into control and tells everyone what they have to do. Everyone is doing everything on cue. I can’t see my soul anywhere – but the feeling I had is that I knew I was close by and talking with someone. 2 – 3 min later I saw my body jerk like my soul fell back in and I sat up. I rattled off this place with white pillars and a large pool of water. Next thing I know – I see my grandmother – she tells me that everything has changed and not to be scared.

Grams leaves and then George’s Aunt shows up (she’s dead as well). We’re having a convo – I’m told no one else can see her but me. We talk – I give George some info – then she hands me a red rose to give to him. As soon as I have it in my hand – it materializes in the physical sense. I’m shocked. Someone else who is deceased comes along – hands me something – as soon as I take it – it becomes real. This kept happening over and over again.

Then Brigit said I’d seen enough. I asked what does that mean? She said that my gift of manifestation will be in full force when I come back to life – somehow my NDE gives it extra power. And that was that….I sat there for awhile after this one thinking – WTF? The manifestation twist was a new one to me. And I kept thinking how could that ever be possible – if it’s possible. Once something leaves a spirit’s hands into mine – it becomes solid. That’s just wild.

And on that note – I have to get back to work.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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