I seriously haven’t been able to figure out what ABBA and Vincent have to do with one another. Maybe he likes the group – I have no idea. But when I’m stuck in my writing, I see him as plain as day tell me to put on “Dancing Queen” and dance — as who can be pissed during that song? It’s funny, but it works. If I have a block, I hear him tell me that – I put it on and bingo. But I do wonder if the man actually listens to ABBA in the physical reality – could he be a closet ABBA fan – lol?

Vincent must have more time on his hands lately – he’s been around a lot the last week. Everywhere I turn, there’s his energy. It’s almost as if I’m wearing a big old energy protection coat that has a whole lot of love wrapped up in it. Feels very snuggly. Last night’s dream visits had us doing a lot of talking. About what – I can’t remember. Had Darin not landed on my head (out of fright) when the alarm went off, I would’ve had time to grab my journal and write everything down. But by the time I dislodged him from my hair and turned off the alarm – it was too late. Dang cat. I also remember Vincent following me around in all my dreams. I kept making dream visits again to help people, and in every visit he was in the background standing guard.

I sure wish I could be in Sandy, Utah next week – it’s just a random out loud thought. If you don’t know why – don’t ask – lol.

I woke up at 4:19 this morning – Andrew said to remember the number. So I did – and looked it up in my Angel Numbers book. It said: The angels ask you to hold positive thoughts about your Divine life mission. You are qualified, ready and able to heal and help others.

I thought that was a pretty cool message.

Chakras – I’ve been trying to work with them lately. You know how the saying goes – the carpenter has the house of unfinished projects or the mechanic has the car that doesn’t run? Well, same applies with the psychic. I’m so busy helping everyone else (which I love to do) that I neglect my spiritual growth. I think that is one of the reasons why my dreams have been so busy lately – I haven’t been doing things in my waking life to aid in my soul growth.

Any ways – back to the chakras. The front chakras get a lot of attention – but the back chakras – not so much. That is unless I’m pushing an energy ball through the front, out the back and then back through again. In writing up homework for a coaching client, I remembered how important the back chakras are since they deal with our unconscious issues (front deal with conscious issues). If you can deal with and heal what’s going on in your unconscious, the conscious will always follow. Just like heal or excite the energy body and the physical body will follow.

So I have been sending colored energy balls (color based on what chakra it is) one at a time, into each back chakra. And energy going through this way feel pretty funky. I can feel a pressure that morphs into a tingle. The pressure is pretty intense, like someone is pushing a round rubber ball onto the chakra. I think that I’ll make these chakras my metaphysical topic of the week in my podcast on Monday.

This weekend the focus is on OBE sex – if all goes well and I get what I need done, done, then it’ll be back onto Bloody Mary for the following weekend.

It is so cold here — so dang cold. I dread leaving here to pick up my son from school. Speaking of him – he tells me this morning how he is freaking his friends out at school by reading their minds. I told him to scale back a bit on the telepathic connection – lol. He also says he’s been getting a lot more “pictures” of the future and into the past. Heck – I’m about to get a reading from the kid:) I think that I’ll get him a beginning set of tarot cards (he likes mine) or maybe just a set of mine in order to focus his abilities.

BTW — if you want to take advantage of my great site-wide deals, don’t forget to listen to the current podcast! Great deal ends on Monday!

Time for me to get all bundled up to freeze with the rest of the parents!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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