Will. I know, surprised that I’m going to talk about him? HA! Yesterday I made a conscious decision to shake things up here at AllieTheiss.com. Love, sex, and OBE will certainly be on the menu. Never you fear my lovelies! But just like an energy shift, I’m shifting and therefore so is my biz. The main theme of it all will be ENERGY! My obsession with energy and that everything and everyone is connected is at the heart of it all. From there I branch out. So what does this have to do with Mr. Will? Nothing and…


Will and Ian 2, to me, are pure energy. Ian 2 as my eternal BFF. Will as better half. So Will is a BFF with benefits 🙂

When I connect to them I get a charge. Not necessarily a sexual charge – but the connection to either is better than a full pot of coffee.

However, when I connect to Ian 2, it is easy enough to close the connection and move on with my day. With Will – a seriously different story. While the connection to him usually doesn’t start with anything sexual, it normally ends that way.

Take this morning for instance.

I was right in that in-between of dreaming and waking up. I could feel his energy (it’s been really present ever since I made my biz shift decision). It was as if he was standing next to me, but physically he was not there. His blue eyes reached inside of me and pulled my energy to him. The next thing I know my body was tingling all over. It felt like I was a human sparkler but obviously not actually lit. I went from 0 to 100 in under 2 sec. That’s how fast it took me from first feeling his energy to me being satisfied and wide awake.

Although his actually body was not there – I could still feel the scruffiness of a man who hasn’t shaven along the side of my face – for several moments after I was wide awake.

Energy – it amazes me. I can connect to Will any time of the day from anywhere on the planet. The possibilities are endless. This is WHY I want to teach other people what I know and what I’m constantly learning. It opens up a whole new set of possibilities.

Happy OBE’ing 🙂

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