Owen has been around a lot lately. When I say a lot – I mean every flippin` night. Everyone else makes an appearance at one point in time. But with Owen, every single dream visit we are a couple already. Not meeting one another – not trying to figure each other out – a couple complete with love, passion, and problems. Just as if he and I were a couple in our physical reality.

We go to work, make dinner, talk about our day, play with animals, interact with his daughters and my son. What’s going on now with Owen is not like anything I have encountered so far. It’s every night. Every last one since he moved to Toronto (50 min plane ride from me – tops). Each night is also a continuation of the previous night. If we fought the previous night, we’re making up in this visit. I can vividly smell the vegabtable stir fry he made or the chocolate chip cookies I made. I remember how they taste (he’s a hell of a cook).

I wake up and I’m like — nooooooo go back, go back…..I want to see what happens next! Everyone else that appears in the dream visits (such as Will, Ian, Jimmy or even Bill and Ted) do so in passing. Owen and I see them at the store – or we pass them on the expressway. I run into Ian at the grocery store. These types of things. And if a dream has nothing to do with Owen (as we do not dream together all night) then me and one of the other guys are chatting and getting to know each other better. I talk and talk and talk with Ian. Me, Ian and nachos. Oh and to wash down the nachos we have mixed drinks that have a tan looking liquid which has a bite when you first drink it and it’s smooth afterwards. Odd.

What does all this mean? No idea.

It does seem to feed into my belief that in dreams it is a whole other reality. Because dreams take place on the astral plane, I could be sliding through lifetimes in different dimensions as I sleep. In a different dimension Owen and I may be a couple. In other dimensions I could be just getting to know some of the guys. If you look at time as vertical (all happening at once) as opposed to horizontal (past, present, future) it is a possibility.

As long as I am the “voice” for Joshua and Celina, I hope that they will shed some light on dreams and time. If you’re not part of my Allie Theiss Friend page on Facebook – you should be – as that is where I’ll announce messages from J & C.


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