Did you know when you make a decision on something that the Universe sets that decision in motion before you have the next thought? Why? Because things in the quantum world do not happen in small, painstaking steps, they happen immediately. It may not be apparent immediately (thank goodness for that – can you imagine if your intention was to lose 50 lbs? how freaked out would you be too look in the mirror and immediately be 50 lbs lighter?), but it is in motion.

The thing though about intent on a hard firm decision choice is harder to come by than you would think. Most times when we make up our mind and set out an intention, it is a wishy-washy intention. That’s why it only comes half-ass true.

Somewhere in that noggin of yours is the belief that whatever or wherever you want to set your intention you do not deserve. Yes — yes it is – somewhere in there is that disbelief. Because if it wasn’t there you would already have all that you intended and you would not be here reading this. You would have to – right?

Setting Intention and Meaning It!

  1. Decide once and for all what you want. (for me – it’s Will – i want him anyway i can get him – friends, co-workers, fb friends, romantic, one night stand, and so forth).
  2. Don’t decide that it is difficult to obtain. (regardless what Will does for a living, he is not difficult to get to)
  3. Leave negativity out of the equation. (it’ll never happen. he’s too good for me. blah blah <—kick that crap to the curb)
  4. Once you define something (your intention) you stop worrying about it. Once you know something it is your reality. (i do not – under any circumstances worry about seeing Will in person again and what happens after that. it’s matter of fact – it’ll happen)
  5. Knowing something down to the nitty-gritty detail will not work. “Knowing” all cancels out the possibilities (i know that he and i will have a chance. but i do not known when, where or how – the possibilities are beyond me and i’m good with that)

Practice first with something small – say losing 10 lbs. Watch it work. Then move up to something greater – like affording a concert. Once that works, set your intention for a new car, new home, or maybe a vacation. Keep practicing until it’s a habit!

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