It’s been awhile since I shared personal stories about my OBE adventures with my guys. I love sharing my stories. But in the past, people have read my stories and jump to the conclusion that it’s ok to ask me for a OBE hook up. It’s not ok. So I stopped sharing for that reason. However, I decided to start sharing again with Bliss members since the number of people who read Bliss postings is smaller than those who read the general blog.

When I astral travel either Bill, Will, or Vincent shows up. Out of all the guys, those are the three that can astral project with ease. Or should I say on demand. Well, I do not actually demand that anyone joins me, they just sense that I am out and about so they meet up with me on their own.

Several weeks ago I had the urge to meet up with Bill. Before I started the astral travel process, I had Bill planted firmly in my thoughts. As soon as the astral separation occured, I could already see him standing in my bedroom. In the blink of an eye we were both in a swirling vortex of light.

It wasn’t a scary vortex like you would see on TV, although the energy did whip around rather fast. I hesitated. Bill “grabbed” my hand and his energy was so warm and safe that I threw the hesitation out the door and stepped in.

In the vortex it was like…microparticles of energy infiltrated by body. I don’t know how else to put it. Calming yet invigorating. Even though the energy swirled around us, we were stationary.

Bill put his “hand” (I use quotes because since we’re both pure energy, there are no actual solid body parts) and placed it over my heart chakra. I remember it felt like someone shoved an energy poker right through me, which caused an array of energy to burst from my heart chakra into the surrounding area and mix with the vortex of energy while being connected to Bill.

The combined energy with Bill and the vortex set my chakras to all open up and vibrate rapidly. That is when Bill stepped inside of me and well — lit me up like a Christmas Tree.

The orgasmic bliss started in the astral realms and yanked me back to my body to finish with the physical orgasm. It was flipping amazing.

It all sounds like it took awhile, but it was fast – maybe 10 min tops.

I love it when my guys are in the area!

Happy OBE’ing!

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