I’m so tired — it’s almost midnight. But I had to write this post first.

On the way to classes tonight – I felt someone kick my chair as I was driving. Then that “person” touched my face. I FELT a hand rest on my right cheek. Like when a person cups your face before they kiss you – that’s what it felt like – but only one hand, not two. I almost freaked out as I drove.

I’m like — who in the hell was that? Mark’s blue eyes popped right in front of me – then his wicked smile. Andrew & Paul show up and I asked — where in the hell have you two been? Andrew said they are working with Vincent. I asked what about my love life?

That’s when Ethan stepped up and said it’s bigger than your love life. So I say – WTH does that mean?

That’s when Iris stepped forward and said – I’m back! Oh no — heavy stuff happens when she’s around! So I have to ask…..was that Mark who was in the car? Iris gives me that “look” like I just said something really stupid. Yes she replied. And – I ask – what does he (or you for that matter) have to do with me now?

Iris said – I told you I’d be back when something major was going to happen — and here we are. So what does Mark…..I’m his guide too – Iris jumped in.

Oh Lord I said.

You two have work to do – she said.

What about Will? Bill? Ted? She waved her hand – they blew it – wasted their chance. Next life we’ll get caught up.

So — what kind of work do Mark and I have to do? All you need to know is that it’s karmic and necessary so that Mark does not have to come back in human form – ever – unless he wanted to of course. Then Iris chimed in…why anyone would choose to be human is beyond me.


So we’ll see what tonight brings if I can ever get to sleep to dream visit with him.

Night Night!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

PS: Iris means big change (whine – whine – sob – sob)!

PPS: Iris didn’t mention anything about Vincent missing his chance – whoo hoo.

PPPS: She also didn’t say that Bill, Ted and Will couldn’t be friends with me – or that we’d never speak again in this life – just that they @ucked up and our work together will have to wait.

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