There hasn’t been much time for engaging in as much OBE sex as I would like and there probably won’t be for several weeks. I’m too busy to allow the connection to come in and I feel that the guys are just as busy. However, while we’re asleep is a whole other ball game — here I always have time.

Bill and I were outside in some hot springs. There was ice/snow around us — but that’s it — not another soul around. I could see an SUV parked only a few feet away from us — must have been our vehicle.

We’re laughing away in this hot springs – commenting on how we’re going to jump out – naked – and run to the SUV. I told Bill he has to go 1st and turn the truck on to warm it up – then I’ll hop out. He’s insisting on – ladies first! We were on two separate sides from one another and it seemed like a great distance between us – but I could still feel his hands playing with my breasts.

Next thing I cam remember is Bill being on my side of the springs, kissing all over my neck and face. There didn’t seem to be any foreplay involved here — but I don’t think we needed it either. I grabbed his hips as he guided himself in. As soon as he was in, it was as if the hot springs tapped into my spine — the hot sensation ran from my tail bone all the way up to the back of my skull – from there it wrapped around both sides and seemed to go in my third eye. The more we worked on achieving an orgasm, the hotter this liquid felt — it was burning a hole in the center of my forehead.

We came together, clinging on to one another, in a moment of pure ecstasy.

And just like that it was over and I woke up.

The center of my forehead felt hot. My nether-region felt wet. I laid there for about an hour contemplating the hot sensation up my spine and into my forehead.

For that whole day it felt like I had a call of fire hovering right in front of my third eye.


Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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