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August 7, 2023

Ask Allie Podcast: Life Advice with a Metaphysical Twist!

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* Introduction

Welcome to Ask Allie – your go-to source for some amazing life advice with a metaphysical twist! I’m Allie, the host of the longest-running spiritual podcast on Apple Podcasts. Since 2005, I’ve been helping people like you navigate the mystical world of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and exploration.

Today is Monday, August 7, 2023, and I’m so excited you’re tuning in to give me a listen. Today we’ll be discussing creating Your Day with Intention.

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* Oracle Card Reading of the Week for August 7, 2023

* Topic: Unstuck: A Journey to Movement and Change

Today we’re diving deep into a universal struggle: the feeling of being stuck and how to move forward in life. We’ll explore this not just through the psychological lens, but also by harnessing the power of spiritual aids like crystals, essential oils, and meditation. So, let’s get started!

First, let’s acknowledge that feeling stuck is perfectly normal. Life isn’t always smooth sailing, and we can often find ourselves in unchartered waters. But it’s these moments of discomfort and unease that force us to grow, to change, and to move towards a more authentic version of ourselves.

So, how do we break free from this rut? We’ll approach this in three ways: grounding with crystals, finding mental clarity through meditation, and stimulating our senses with essential oils.

Let’s start with the grounding energies of crystals. Consider the Citrine, a powerful stone known as the merchant stone or success stone. It holds an energy that can inspire success, abundance, and clear thought. Keep a piece of Citrine in your workspace to invite creativity and dissipate negative energy.

Another potent crystal is the Tiger’s Eye, often called the stone of the mind. It’s believed to provide focus, mental clarity, and insight, helping you make decisions unclouded by your emotions. Carry it with you or wear it as a piece of jewelry.

Meditation, our next tool, can often be a game-changer. It helps us quiet the noise of the external world and tune into our inner wisdom. A simple mindfulness meditation, where you observe your breath and thoughts, can help create space in your mind, letting you see the bigger picture and the way forward.

For those of you who want to amplify your meditation, you can incorporate a mantra. Mantras are phrases that are repeated during meditation to help focus the mind. Try something like, “I release what does not serve me, I embrace what moves me forward.” This affirmation can create a shift in your energy and mindset.

Finally, let’s tap into the power of essential oils. Rosemary oil is a fantastic cognitive stimulant. It is a refreshing aroma can help clear mental fatigue and confusion. Try diffusing it in your workspace or study area.

Peppermint oil is another excellent choice. Known for its invigorating scent, it can stimulate the mind, increase focus, and promote clear thinking. You can add a few drops to your diffuser or even in your morning shower for a refreshing start to your day.
Whenever you feel stuck, remember, it’s a signal that you’re ready for growth. And while it can be uncomfortable, you’re never alone on this journey. Harness the grounding energy of crystals, the clarity of meditation, and the invigorating power of essential oils to help guide you on your path forward.

Remember to trust the journey, appreciate the little wins, and know that every step, no matter how small, is progress. You are exactly where you need to be.

* Closing remarks

Thanks for hanging out with me on Ask Allie today! I hope you enjoyed the episode and realized what it takes to Create Your Day with Intention.

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And last but not least, if no one’s told you today, let me be the first to say it: you are fabulous! Take care of yourself and have a magical week. I’ll catch you next time!

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