In a world saturated with romantic comedies, fairy tales, and philosophical ideologies that champion the concept of a ‘soul mate,’ it’s easy to be captivated by the allure of finding someone who completes you in every imaginable way. The idea of a soul mate has its roots in both mystical traditions and modern-day pop culture, offering a tantalizing promise of ultimate union and unbreakable bonds. Yet, the unsettling and even heartbreaking situation is often left unexplored; one person feels this deep, soulful connection, but the other does not. The scenario becomes all the more complex when we include Out-of-Body Ecstasy (OBEs).

What is a Soul Mate Connection?

Broadly, it suggests a deep, intrinsic connection between two people that transcends physical attraction, intellectual compatibility, or even shared interests. A soul mate connection is formed across lifetimes or in different spiritual realms. This connection is not just emotional; it’s also profoundly spiritual.

The Disconnect: Unbelievers and the Unaware

The Unbeliever

Many people are rooted in empirical, scientific viewpoints and see the idea of a ‘soul mate’ as nothing more than poetic or romantic gibberish. For these individuals, the language of ‘souls’ and ‘destiny’ is at odds with their perspective of reality. Consequently, even if they experience some form of connection, they may dismiss it as mere coincidence or, at best, an emotional affinity. Find yourself believing you have a soul mate connection with someone in this category. The asymmetry in understanding and feeling can be painful and confusing.

The Unaware

Another category includes those who may be open to spiritual or metaphysical concepts but must be made aware or uninformed about the notion of soul mates. In these cases, the person might experience a strong pull toward you or even deep comfort in your presence. Yet, they may attribute it to factors like emotional compatibility, shared experiences, or even ‘chemistry.’ In such cases, you may find yourself puzzled or even frustrated that they don’t see the ‘bigger picture’ of your connection.


Real-Life Examples: The Cases of Bill and Will


Back in 2003, it all began with Bill. He was my first jump into OBE and soul mates. He sent me down the rabbit hole and opened a new life. Something I will always be grateful for. I didn’t know then what I know now. Like most people do when they first experience this, I thought they were the one! They are my other half for the rest of my life. I must admit, I was pretty pissed that this guy was “it.” He was on his way to being well-known, and I was a stay-at-home- mom in Amish country. But I thought, “What the hell,” let’s see where this goes. 

Where it went was nowhere. Although I had met him in person in 2006, I sensed he picked up a vibe from me. But it never went beyond that. I even had my sister slip him a note (in hindsight – so, so stupid) which explained everything about our connection. Nothing. Nadda. I felt rejected and overwhelmingly sad. How could “the one” reject me? How could I have been so wrong? 

Again, there’s a reason hindsight is 20/20 — I was right in my assessment of him being a soul mate or connection. Still, I was wrong about the relationship and even worse about him realizing the connection. The overwhelming feelings and emotions I felt for him and from him after discovering this connection were our relationships in our past lives – not the present. I expanded the energy flow between us when I realized who he was and what he meant to me. It’s like the Roto-Rooter man cleaning out a drain; before it was cleaned, it was open, but only drips of water went through. After it was unclogged, the water flowed. The energy connected between the soul connection is clogged until one of the two people realizes the link – the energy flows. But to relate that energy flow to a person, place, or event, both parties would not know about the connection. I did, and he didn’t. No wonder I felt like I did and he didn’t — he had yet to acknowledge the relationship existed and then feel the emotions of our past lives roaring into the present. But all of this wasn’t the biggest mistake I made. 

And then there was Will. 


Goddess, help me, Will found me – not the other way around. But he saw me in the energy sense, not in person. Remembering the catastrophe that was Bill, I was determined not to say anything to him about our connection. I kept that promise to myself and didn’t tell him anything. 

What I did was worse: I wrote about him all over my blog and used his real first name. WTF was I thinking? 

SIGH. In 2008, my son and I visited NYC to see him in person. We jumped on the plane without tickets to the venue. I wasn’t worried; I knew we’d get tickets, and we did. It was one of those minimal seating things, and at the last minute, two people canceled. There’s no way we should have been at the venture he was at — just like there should have been no way for me to be at the venue Bill was at. But here we were. My son even wanted to make Will a book — so he did, “The Great Big Book of Will,” he made with Will’s past creative endeavors. It was adorable, and my son was so proud of himself. 

After it was over, my son and I went behind the venue to talk to Will — something else that shouldn’t have happened, but I knew it would. The three of us had a lovely conversation. Ultimately, I gave him my business card when he was walking away. He said that he would call. I replied that I would answer. I was on cloud nine — at that moment, I had never been happier – and to this day, I have never been happier. 

We got home, and I went to my website. I noticed plenty of incoming readers from one of Will’s fan sites. I went to that site and found out that someone who followed me posted on that fan site about me and my connection to Will. Plus, I was going to NYC to meet him. They met no harm. 

However, the people on that site thought I was a raving loon. A mentally unstable bad person who was going to see Will and cause him harm. I was heartbroken. The horrible things they said about me continued until I learned that the person in charge of that site would contact Will’s management and warn him about me. 

Well, he must have been warned after the fact because I never got my call. From that day forward, I never used anyone’s real name again. I also kept my phone number the same– just in case. 

I believe he was going to call before he saw my website and got the warning from someone. I also think he knew something of the connection, unlike Bill, as he found me, not vice versa. I just scared the shit out of him — and I could kick myself every day since then for the stupidity of my mistake. 

Recounting these two fuck ups all these years later brought up some emotional baggage I didn’t know I still had. When I pulled the Healing card for myself in the Mystical Minds group, I never imagined that I still needed to heal from these two experiences. Boy, I was wrong. I must remind myself that these were lessons and be gentle with myself. 

OBE and the Sexual Response

Out-of-Body Ecstasy (OBEs) takes the soul mate discussion into an even more spiritual realm. During an OBE, they can connect with their soul mate on a spiritual plane. An often-underreported aspect of this experience is that the other person, even if they are not aware of the OBE, may experience a sudden, unexplained sexual arousal or response. This reaction only adds to the situation’s complexity, as the person may be bewildered or even alarmed by this unexpected sensation. They might not know why they are feeling this way, especially if they don’t have a framework for understanding OBEs or soul mate connections.

Conclusion: The Journey Towards Understanding

The landscape of soul mate connections is complex, marked by differing belief systems, varying levels of awareness, and even sexual phenomena like OBEs. Suppose you are deeply connected to someone who doesn’t reciprocate your perception or feelings. In that case, it’s an emotionally challenging situation that can offer profound lessons in empathy, understanding, and self-reflection.

The soul mate experience is not a one-size-fits-all narrative. Your connection is unique to you and the other person involved. While it’s human to crave reciprocation and mutual understanding, sometimes the lesson lies in navigating the complexities and even the disappointments that come with these highly individual experiences.

In a universe teeming with diverse beliefs and experiences, sometimes the most soulful lesson is learning to accept and appreciate the rich tapestry of human connection in all its imperfect beauty.

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