Emma was a dreamer, not just in the figurative sense, but literally. Every night, her consciousness soared, exploring the vast expanse of the dream realm. With every dream, she felt her vibration rising, connecting her with higher energies and realms. But as her energy heightened, something sinister began to take notice.

One evening, as Emma drifted asleep, she was in a dream, standing at the edge of a beautiful forest. The trees whispered secrets of the universe to her, and she felt an overwhelming sense of peace. But this tranquility was short-lived. Shadowy figures emerged from the forest’s depths, their presence dark and suffocating. These were entities of lower vibrations, drawn to Emma’s radiant energy like moths to a flame. The entities pursued her relentlessly, their intentions clear: they sought to siphon her energy, to drain her of the light she possessed.

Night after night, the chase continued. The once serene dream realm became a maze of fear for Emma. It reached a point where the sheer terror of falling asleep consumed her waking hours. She realized she needed protection, a shield against these energy thieves.


Harnessing the Protective Power of Stones

If Emma’s story even resonates a little bit with you, arm yourself with protective stones. 

  • Amethyst: Choose this stone for its renowned spiritual vibration. Acting as a beacon of light, it repels negative energies, guiding your path in the dream world.
  • Black Tourmaline: This stone can become a guardian, a shield against the relentless pursuit of shadowy entities.
  • Labradorite: With its protective aura, this stone can wrap you in an invisibility cloak, making it undetectable to energy thieves.

Place these stones under your pillow every night to create a protective barrier.

The Water Fountain’s Sanctuary

Place a small water fountain in your room. The flowing water’s rhythmic cadence creates an energetic barrier, its ripples disrupting the lower entities’ ability to sense you. The soothing sounds will lull you into a deep sleep, making you an elusive target in the dream realm.

Crafting the Essential Oil Elixir

You can prepare a potent essential oil blend:

  • Frankincense: Its purifying properties cleanse your spirit, fortifying your defenses.
  • Rosemary: The invigorating scent can form an impenetrable protective barrier around you.
  • Lavender: Ensuring peaceful dreams, its calming aroma can keep the lower entities at bay.
  • Cedarwood: Grounding your spirit, this oil will ensure you remain anchored, no matter how intense the chase.

Every night, before drifting off, apply this elixir to your pulse points, cloaking yourself in its protective embrace.

Over time, combining the stones, the water fountain, and the essential oil blend fortified Emma’s defenses. The shadowy figures became mere whispers in the forest, unable to reach her. The dream realm transformed back into a sanctuary of exploration and enlightenment.

In our journey through life, as we elevate our vibrations and grow spiritually, we might attract the attention of energies that seek to diminish our light. Like Emma, we must recognize these challenges and arm ourselves with tools to protect our power. For in protecting our dreams, we preserve our spirit.

Dream boldly, but always dream safely. May your journeys be filled with light and wonder.

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