I Met My Soulmate in My Dreams

**This is something new for everyone. A client sent me an email about how she met her soulmate in her dreams. I asked if I changed their names, if I could turn it into a short story and post it on the OBE site. She agreed.**


Chapter 2: An Unexpected Encounter

The town of Larkwood came alive every Saturday. Its heart, the farmer’s market, pulsated with life and vibrancy. Families, tourists, and local artisans converged in this lively setting, creating an atmosphere that was nothing short of magical. Amidst the tapestry of sounds, colors, and scents, Ellie walked, absorbing the energy of the place.

Ellie had a ritual. She would start at Mrs. Fletcher’s flower stall, picking out fresh lilies or roses. Then she’d wander to Mr. Patel’s spice booth, where the piquant aroma of turmeric, cloves, and cinnamon wafted, transporting her to distant lands. Today was no different. As she flitted from one stall to another, her basket gradually filled with nature’s goodies. The allure of the market was not just in its goods but also in its people.

Ellie loved observing them: a mother haggling for a better price, young lovers sneaking coy glances, children marveling at handmade toys. It was a place where stories unfolded at every corner.

Yet, nothing had prepared her for the story that awaited her that day.
She was drawn to a corner booth adorned with antique books. Each one looked like it held centuries of secrets within its pages. The golden embossing, the scent of aged paper, the texture of the leather bindings – it was a bibliophile’s dream.

But the real surprise was not on the shelves. As Ellie approached the booth, her heart skipped a beat. There, immersed in an old volume, stood the very man who had been a constant presence in her dreams. Tall, with unruly hair and a contemplative expression, he was exactly as she remembered – right down to the soft, chocolate-colored eyes that seemed to have recognized her even before she did him.

It was a moment out of time. The world shrunk to just the two of them, surrounded by past stories, creating their own story. When Ellie’s bag of apples slipped from her grasp, breaking the trance, he caught them with an ease that suggested more than just good reflexes.

Their fingers met a touch that was electric and familiar all at once. The intensity of the moment left Ellie breathless. It was as if their souls, separated by the dimensions of dreams and reality, had finally found their meeting point.

His voice was deep when he spoke, filled with an emotion that resonated within her. “You look familiar,” he said, his gaze never leaving hers. It was a simple statement, but it held worlds within it.

His name, as she’d come to learn, was Nathan. And as they stood amidst the bustling market, surrounded by tales as old as time, they began writing the first chapter of their own story.

Next Wednesday – Chapter Three: Fateful Conversations

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