OBE sex happens to me on a regular basis. It has for years – maybe dating back to 2001 or so. The three people I will probably talk about the most in this blog are Bill, Ted (both fake names) and Will (real name) – all 3 are members of my soul cluster. If you ever want to know more about them, hop over to my Allie’s Two Cents blog: http://www.gypsyadvice.com/alliestwocents/index.html.

Last night I had a great encounter with Will in my dreams. I wanted to visit him last night as it was his birthday — and of course give him a present:)

Upon entering my dream portal I was transported in an instant to Will. He was in a log cabin, it was dark, and there was a nice fire in the stone fireplace. He smiles at me and says that he knew I would show. Of course I would – I tell him- how could I not? Any time I am around Will, my energy field energizes – he has a very positive affect on me. This time was no different.

We could see each other glow – our energy fields reached out to one another and merged to encase us in one big energetic cocoon. I look down at myself and I’m naked – he’s not.

Will has a feather in his hand. He caresses my cheek lightly with the feather. With a very light touch, he moves the feather down onto my neck, moves to my collar bone, moves down and stops at my breast. The feather moves around my breast on the perimeter, and with every motion around the breast, the feather moves closer to the nipple.

I tell him that I’m here to give him a present. He replies that this is the way he wants his present.

He teases the nipple to attention with the feather – I can feel the rapid movement of energy zipping through me. I moan. He smiles. He moves the feather over to the other breast. My eyes are closed, enjoying the tantalizing sensation of it all.

Then the feather disappears.

I open my eyes and Will is naked. His hands reach over and grasp each side of my face. For a moment all we do is stare at one another – our eyes pulling the other one in. Then he kisses me. The kiss is deep, passionate and full of emotion. He pulls back and stares at me for a second.

Will steps into me so that we are one being. With that, the energy explodes inside of both of us. I can remember seeing colors everywhere and such a rush of energy.

I sat straight up in bed. My heart was pounding so hard that I thought it was going to fall out of my body. I laid back down and took many deep breaths – remembering what just happened. To say I was turned on would be a huge understatement. Good thing in my other job I test sex toys for a living:) One came in real handy so that I could fall back to sleep.

That was such a rush! And I’m in a pretty good mood this morning to boot!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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