“What the hell was that?”

“Was that real or a fantasy?”

Those are the top two questions I get about telepathic sex and fantasy.

Questions should be asked – especially if this is all new to you.

3 Differences Between Telepathic Sex & Fantasy

  • There will be physical changes. It could include: tickling/vibrations/pressure/itching in the solar plexus (2 in above the belly button) heart and/or throat chakra, trembling or shaking, & headache.
  • Feel sick.
  • Light headed.

Not all happen and not all at once. Each person’s energy signature is unique, therefore, each person will experience this differently.

If it is strictly a fantasy – sure you will be turned on – but you will not be tuned in to the energy. Therefore, you will not experience any of the above symptoms.

You can achieve sexual satisfaction in a fantasy, but you will not have the deep intimate connection you have when you are energy to energy like in telepathic sex.

Point is you will feel SOMETHING other than being sexually turned on. 

The more you practice telepathic sex, the easier it will be to know you have that connection and it’s not only a fantasy.

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