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An example of a question for “Rent My Brain”:

I was led here because I tried a soul linking meditation that I eventually drifted off to sleep during. As it turned out, I had an intensely erotic, outer body experience with the “person” or person’s soul I was trying to connect with. It’s a bit strange because I’ve wanted to dream or mentally connect with this person whom I’ve suspected is some sort of twin flame or soulmate, but have never been able to channel their energy in any type of dream sphere or elevated plane. Suddenly after or during this meditation (which was performed simply to connect and send love to my twin flame), I experienced some type of erotic passion with them that was completely unexpected and quite overwhelming. How can this be? Was this just a subconscious urge surfacing or did I somehow merge my soul with his? Why was the experience sexual? We have never made real physical contact, but ievery time I see him, I have an overwhelming sense of love, comfort and coming home.

An example of a Reading Question:

I just had to comment…today I felt as if a guy I know from work was literally making love to me. I’m serious I could feel the sensations in my lower two chakras. His energy didn’t feel intrusive at all. Do you think I have had a past life connection to him? He also looks at me with a piercing eyes and I feel it a mile off. Just wondering what this connection maybe….

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