Healing a Broken Heart Workbook


Workbook Outline: “Healing a Broken Heart”


  • A brief summary of the episode and the purpose of this workbook.
  • Personal reflections on heartbreak and the healing journey.

Section 1: Understanding Heartbreak

  • Worksheet 1.1: Reflections on Heartbreak
    • Prompts to write down feelings, memories, and triggers.
  • Worksheet 1.2: The Physical Impact of Heartbreak
    • A space to jot down any physical symptoms felt (e.g., fatigue, chest pain).

Section 2: Introduction to EFT

  • Overview of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and its benefits.
  • Worksheet 2.1: Personalizing Your EFT
    • Blank spaces to fill in personal affirmations and statements for tapping.

Section 3: EFT Tapping Points & Guide

  • Detailed diagrams of tapping points with space for annotations.
  • Worksheet 3.1: Daily EFT Journal
    • Track daily EFT sessions, feelings before and after, and any observations.

Section 4: Delving Deeper into Emotions with EFT

  • Worksheet 4.1: Identifying Core Emotions
    • List common emotions and circle those felt. Space for adding personal ones.
  • Worksheet 4.2: EFT Script Creation
    • Guidance on creating customized EFT scripts for different emotions.

Section 5: Essential Oils for Healing

  • Overview of the benefits of essential oils in emotional healing.
  • Worksheet 5.1: Essential Oils Journal
    • Track which oils are used daily, method of use, and emotional response.

Section 6: Combining EFT and Essential Oils

  • Guidance on how to integrate essential oils into an EFT practice.
  • Worksheet 6.1: My Integrated Healing Plan
    • Space to plan a week of combined EFT and essential oil routines.

Section 7: Additional Healing Techniques

  • Overview of other complementary techniques such as meditation, journaling, and yoga.
  • Worksheet 7.1: My Healing Toolkit
    • A checklist of techniques one would like to try and space to jot down experiences.

Section 8: Reflection & Growth

  • The journey of healing and recognizing personal growth.
  • Worksheet 8.1: Celebrating Small Wins
    • Space to acknowledge and celebrate progress.
  • Worksheet 8.2: Envisioning the Future
    • Prompts to explore hopes, dreams, and goals post-healing.


  • Encouragement for the healing journey ahead and recognizing personal resilience.
  • Space for final reflections and commitments to self-care.


Healing a Broken Heart Workbook

🌟 Unlock The Secrets To Emotional Healing & Personal Growth! 🌟


Are you journeying through the rough terrains of heartbreak? Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or the sting of missed opportunities, healing is not only possible—it’s closer than you think.

Introducing the “Healing a Broken Heart Workbook”, a companion guide meticulously crafted to accompany the Ask Allie Season 18 Episode 33. Dive deeper into the strategies discussed, introspect with structured prompts, and craft your personalized healing plan.

🌸 What’s Inside? 🌸

  1. Comprehensive Healing Techniques: Delve into Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), explore the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, and merge them for a holistic healing experience.
  2. Tailored Worksheets: Reflect on your unique journey, note down your experiences, and chart your path to healing with dedicated worksheets.
  3. Personal Reflections: Not just a guide but a journal, offering you space to jot down your thoughts, feelings, and progress.
  4. Integrated Healing Plans: Combine various healing modalities, from EFT to essential oils, to create a weekly regimen tailored to your needs.

🎁 Exclusive Benefits:

  • Step-by-step Guidance: Each section provides insightful guidance, making the process seamless, even for beginners.
  • Customizable EFT Scripts: Design your own EFT scripts aligned with your feelings and emotions for maximum efficacy.
  • Supportive Community: Join the “Ask Allie” community to share, learn, and grow together, all while knowing you’re not alone in your journey.

💬 Testimonials:

“This workbook is a beacon of hope! The blend of EFT and essential oils has given me tools I never knew I needed. Thank you for lighting up my path to healing.” – Maria P.

“The ‘Ask Allie’ episode resonated with me deeply, but this workbook took my healing journey to another level. It’s comprehensive, intuitive, and truly transformative.” – James L.

Pair It Up For The Ultimate Experience!

To make the most out of this workbook, pair it with Ask Allie Season 18 Episode 33. Allie dives deep into the nuances of heartbreak and offers actionable insights. With both the episode and the workbook, you’ll have a comprehensive toolkit to navigate and heal from heartbreak.

Invest in Yourself Today! Your journey to healing is priceless. But with our workbook, it becomes a tangible, structured, and comforting process. Grab your copy now and take the first step towards a brighter, healed tomorrow!

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