Essential Oil Diffuser – 500ml


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Use our essential oils in this diffuser!

A diffuser can improve health, increase your energy or help you sleep better, and there are some more, such as elevate mood, ward off illness, help you breathe easier, relieve pain and repel insects, etc. You deserve one!

3-in-1 Function

Besides its uses in aromatherapy, this essential oil diffuser also functions well as a small humidifier and night light. This ultrasonic aroma diffuser runs for 7 hours in high mist 14 hours in low mist mode continuously.


1. Do not add essential oils through the mist output.

2. Clean the water tank for each oil change because the essential oils that mix may release an unpleasant smell.

3. Do not use metal or hard objects to clean the oscillator.

4. It is an essential oil diffuser, but you can use it as a small humidifier without oils.

Features & details

  • 【TIMESETTING&AUTO SHUFF OFF】4 Time Setting Modes: 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, and continuous. Press the Power Button to choose a proper time setting. Designed with a waterless auto-off function, this essential oil diffuser will turn off automatically after 5s when water runs out for your safety and the protection of the aroma diffuser as well.
  • 【7 COLORS LED NIGHT LIGHT】Press Light Button to shift from one color to another or you can fix on one color. Each light has bright and dim modes, so you totally will get 14 colors to meet your different needs. Used as a perfect night light, helping you get restful sleep.
  • 【AJUSTABLE MIST MODE】Press the High/Low Button to choose the mist mode, 1 beep for high mist output while 2 beeps for low mist output. Large 500ml water tank capacity makes this diffuser run up to 14 hours in low mist mode continuously, providing longer fragrance, a coverage area up to
  • 【SUPER QUIET】 This aromatherapy essential oil diffuser has a reduced noise design, watering-retaining cover. Adopted ultrasonic technology, this aroma diffuser runs so quietly that you barely notice it. Ideal for office, spa, salon, Yoga studio, child’s room, and physical therapy studios.
  • 【MORE BENEFITS】This ultrasonic diffuser can offer therapeutic effects, alleviating the symptom of congested sinus, nasal passages, etc. It also can help remove smoky smells, animal odors and provide fresh air. Backed by 45 days money-back and a 12-month worry-free warranty.

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