Energy 180: Level Up Your Energy


Chakra EnergyAre you looking for a way to enhance your OBE ability?

Maybe you need a boost to attract a soulmate or your twin flame?

It could be that your creativity has hit a roadblock or your desire has taken a nap.

Everyone needs a reboot at least twice in their lives. It’s impossible for life to be all smiles & rainbows all the time.

Life gets overwhelming and it’s too easy for you to shut down.

When you’re shut down, you are stuck in your head with the same worn-out script,  – guess what – your energy is out of balance.


Our energy body has portals called chakras. The seven major chakras that connect and balance us to our current existence on Earth are connected by what I call the Chakra Highway.

When one chakra is out of balance on the chakra highway, the whole system starts to get backed up and out of whack.

Take for example a busy highway in California. One accident on the 405 can have traffic backed up for what seems like days. That’s the same way the chakra highway works – one “accident” with a chakra backs up everything else and before you know it your energy system isn’t working properly leaving you tired, worried, and treading water.

The Chakra Highway AKA Your Energy Streams

Red/Root Chakra

    • Desire
    • Passion
    • Anger
    • Frustration
    • Survival
    • Manifestation

Orange/Sacral Chakra

    • Sexual desire
    • Creativity
    • Abundance
    • Pleasure
    • Well-being

Yellow/ Solar Plexus Chakra

    • Confidence
    • Personal Power
    • Self-esteem
    • Self-worth

Green/Pink/Heart Chakra

    • Love (romantic, self, family, world)
    • Peace
    • Unity
    • Brotherhood/Sisterhood

Blue/Throat Chakra

    • Communication
    • Speaking your truth

Indigo/ Third-Eye Chakra

    • Imagination
    • Intuition
    • Wisdom
    • Knowledge

Violet/Crown Chakra

    • Connecting to higher forces (God, Goddess, Angels, Guides, etc..)
    • Connecting to higher realms

White/Your Protection Energy

    • Protection from outside negativity
    • Connection to the inner YOU or soul

Imagine moving forward with your life? Achieving goals that you have put on the back-burner.

Imagine the love you’ll feel connecting to a soul mate or attracting the love of your life? How about having orgasmic sex? Or hell – anytime, anywhere sex?

Those are some of the things you can accomplish when your energy is shining bright.

Other energy bonuses include better health, increased abundance, and heightened creativity!

How Do I Level Up Your Energy?

After I look at your energy from the outside, I step in and study your energy streams. positive vibes

I see how the energy is moving: if energy is stuck or goopy, which holds you back from your life. I look to see if there is an energy that is out of control – like your red energy – that keeps you stuck in your head when it’s everywhere.

I remove the blocks & balance the energy stream by infusing it with the same color energy + positive universal energy.

Once the stream/s is balanced, I smooth out any rough edges, add all-over positive energy, and end with protection.

All energy reboots are done long-distance. No need for you to alter your schedule.

Single Energy 180 Level Up

When you only need one energy stream rebooted.

  1. You pick out what energy stream needs its reboot.
  2. I step into your energy from my location (long-distance) and access all of your energy streams.
  3. I reboot the energy stream you pick and balance it.
  4. I add a layer of protection energy along with an infusion of positive vibes.
  5. I email you a report on how all of your energy streams look + a “prescription” for how you can keep that energy stream open & balanced.
  6. If you have questions we can jump on a call or you can send me an email.

Sometimes you just know where you are blocked and sometimes you have no clue and wish someone would just go in and fix it for you. Guess what? If you know, I trust your knowledge and focus on that block. If you don’t know – no problem! I will go in, figure it out, and do my magic.

Energy 180 Testimonials

happy people

I did a Sexual Energy 180 reading with Allie Theiss and it was spot on. It was amazing that someone knew what I was experiencing without knowing me, and was able to clearly articulate it as well. I highly recommend the reading if you’re curious about the energy you feel and put out to the world sexual and otherwise.

What’s proof is that I forgot that Allie was going to do my reading yesterday (as she does it on her own time without the client), and it so happened I was able to be home with my son yesterday morning as our Nanny needed off. My son and I took a nap together and I was suddenly zonked. Our nap was 2 hours rather than the typical 1 hour. A bit later, I received my reading via email from Allie. Guess what, turns out my reading was at the time I fell asleep. I was a believer in energy reading before the experience, but now I’m totally convinced. – Amy Levine NYC

I would love to give a shout-out to Allie Theiss! She went in and looked at my sexual energy and I was surprised at how “right on” she was. When I received the email from her after her ‘review’ I was really shocked at all she found. It was nice to know it wasn’t just things I was making up in my head, but she saw them! She gave me a list of things I can do on my own to correct my energy and I am incredibly excited to add and change some things and see my energy shift. Highly recommending her skills not only for your sexual energy but to help you overall. – Michelle Holland McReavy Salt Lake City Utah

Just wanted to thank Allie Theiss for her amazing session she did for me yesterday. She was spot on with her reading and picked exactly where my weaknesses are and tools on how to fix them. Can’t wait to get started. I can recommend Allie for anyone who is feeling a bit out of whack in any way. Which is everyone really !!! Thanks again Allie I will be in touch and I have a few people to send your way xx – Cheryl Franklin – Queensland, Australia

I loved working with Allie. I didn’t know what to expect and was so surprised at the accuracy of her reading. It was incredibly thorough and offered a variety of suggestions on how to transform my current energetic situation. I especially appreciated how she recommended specific gemstones and flower essences. I love using flower essences and the ones she picked were totally right on for my situation. I would definitely recommend working with her. – Danielle Brennan

“Your Sexual Energy 180 with Allie was the best gift I could give myself after a challenging divorce. Sex has always been fraught with trepidation and reluctance for me. I recognize now how my low energy in this area affected my overall well-being. Practical, doable routines for self-care were an important takeaway for me—I have learned not just how, but why, to put focused attention on self-care in this arena to make my life as vibrant as it can – JMC

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Energy Color

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green Pink, Blue, Indigo, Violet, White


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