Diamond Spirit Guide Numerology


This unique numerology report is one of the oldest number-based methods of divination and one of the most powerful tools numerology has to offer.

Approximately 40/45 pages

**I will need your name as it appears on your birth certificate first, middle, last (if adopted your adopted name), the name you introduce yourself as in social settings (first and last), plus your date of birth.**


Numerology uses the numbers associated with your date of birth and name, to determine your physical and spiritual planes. It’s like astrology, but with numbers instead of planets.

Learn how your experiences on the physical plane affect your spiritual path and vice versa

The Diamond reveals the chain of cause and effect that connects your physical and spiritual planes, explaining how your experiences in the physical world affect your inner/spiritual growth – and how the insight you develop affects your physical, mental and emotional life.

The reading describes the challenges you will face to help you grow on the spiritual plane. It outlines the root cause of discord and recommends a course of action to help you move through this period successfully.

You experience two overlapping Diamonds every year from birthday to birthday. This report covers two years.

The Diamond Report is only available from Hans Decoz. Brought back from obscurity by the late Kevin Q. Avery, the report was further re-developed and expanded by Decoz. (Hans’ earlier version can be found on numerous websites but World Numerology holds the exclusive right to this recently updated version.

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