Destiny Card Report


The information in this unique Destiny Card report comes from a very ancient and highly revered mystical science that originated before the days of early Egypt. Its exact origins are unknown but its accuracy speaks for itself. The information it will give you will be timely and practical, pertaining to the events and experiences you are currently going through.

Approximately 30/37 pages

**I will need your date of birth.**

The accuracy of this report is always amazing to me.

The predictions do not play out verbatim all the time, but the energy of the cards drawn is still there — it’s up to us how we respond to them!

The report says that my Birth Card is the 4 of Spades – I gain satisfaction through work (very true) and I am the foundation or people look at me as a foundation (also very true).

My Planetary Ruler card is the 10 of Diamonds – I’m fortunate in money BUT my hamster wheel of a brain gets stuck on the worry of money and I am the one who gets in the way of fortune coming to me (unfortunately, very true).

The report points out:

  • my lucky periods
  • my challenging periods
  • auspicious events
  • year-long influences

The Destiny Report breaks down into seven 6-week periods. In 2021 my 6-week periods tell me that discipline and creativity are key. If I focus on creative work in 2021, I will be known in my field. Needless to say, “Soulful Connections” will be done!

This report:

  • runs birthday to birthday NOT the calendar year
  • based on a deck of playing cards

You will need to tell me which birthday you want the report to start from – unless you get it on your birthday. If no date is given, I will put the start date at whichever birth date is closest to the day you order.

**I will need your date of birth**

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