Amethyst Orgone Energy Pyramid With Rose Quartz


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Do you want your energy to vibrate at a higher frequency to attract a soulmate or twin flame love? Try an orgonite pyramid!

Orgonite pyramids are based on the work by Dr. Wilhelm Reich who was a psychoanalyst and medical doctor.  In 1939 that Reich discovered biological or cosmic energy, an extension of Sigmund Freud’s idea of passionate urgency.

Orgonite is from the word Orgone– the name given by Wilhelm Reich to vital energy found everywhere in nature. It is life energy, also called Ch’i, Prana, and Aether. This vital energy exists, in a natural way, under many different forms.

The theory is that these orgonite pyramids help to emit harmonic and uplifting frequencies that will clear energetic blockages that exist in our bodies via our chakra highway.

To help you with your energy, this orgonite pyramid is made from Amethyst+Rose Quartz+Copper+Crystal Point+resin.

Amethyst is a spiritual stone that is a stone of healing & wisdom that helps to initiate change. It calms the mind to help with racing thoughts, anxiety, and depression. It attracts good luck as well as love.

Rose Quartz is a heart-centered stone for universal love. It is a love magnet for attracting soul love in the form of a soulmate or twin flame. The stone promotes long, heart-connected, relationships.

Copper builds a bridge between the physical and the spiritual and is an incredible energy conductor.

Crystal Point is a powerful energy directional tool.

Each pyramid is hand-made. Due to handcrafting, there can be a 2-5mm error in size. 

This pyramid comes in sizes 6//8/CM.



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