Are you looking for insight?


Hi, I’m Allie and I can help with that! I come from a long-line of intuitives & I’ve been helping people for over 40 years.

Where in your life do you need answers? 

Love? Sex? Career? Family? Money? Out of Body Sex?

I can give you a safe place to explore what is on your mind without judgement.

As a Personal Intuitive Advisor, I use my natural intuitive ability combined with the wisdom of the Guides/Ascended Masters, to help you come up with a plan that’ll kick unsure to the f@cking curb!


Anyone can give you advice…but,  sometimes you need more than just advice.  You need guidance!


**Please keep in mind that ALL readings are prepaid no matter if you purchase through the site or I send you an invoice. If the invoice is not paid by the time the reading is scheduled, the reading is canceled.**

Question Readings


MP3 (listen online or on your smart phone/tablet) – $40

The #1 reason my clients love MP3 advice — because I talk unfiltered. Therefore, you usually receive more information than you would in a written reading.

Written (in an email) – $60

1:1 with Phone or Chat

Phone Appointments: I call you.

Chat appointments: Skype or Facebook

In-Person: Coffee shop in Wooster, Ohio

**Please keep in mind that ALL readings are prepaid no matter if you purchase through the site or I send you an invoice. If the invoice is not paid by the time the reading is scheduled, the reading is canceled.**


  1. If you have to cancel or reschedule – it must be at least 4 HOURS IN ADVANCE of your scheduled reading.
  2. If you cancel IN TIME, I will issue a refund.
  3. If you are rescheduling, the way my schedule looks these days – it will be at least a week or two to fit you back in.
  4. If you do not show up to the reading for whatever reason without the prior cancellation – THERE WILL BE NO REFUND.
  5. Includes FREE follow-up questions (within reason – don’t go crazy on me) that pertain TO THE READING/ADVICE given (<–important to follow)

What can you expect in one of my live sessions?

  • For 30 min or 60 min we start with “what I see” at the moment. What your guides/angels want you to know. What to expect if you keep traveling your current path. This can take a few minutes or much longer – all depending on information received.
  • For 15 min we jump right into your questions.
  • Clients ask as many questions as he or she can in the time period.

How can you best prepare for a live session?

  • Take time before your session and write down any questions you have.
  • Write down follow-up questions for each way I may answer (ex: yes he’ll be back – your follow-up. no he won’t be back – your follow-up).
  • Keep an open mind.
  • Not everything will resonate with you during the session. Write it down anyways. Later on down the line it may become clearer for you.



15 min: $65 30 min: $119 60 min: $200

Check Out The Love  From Past Clients 

100+ testimonials from Allie’s previous website, GypsyAdvice: Click here to read

I have had several readings with Allie, both a 1:1 phone reading and her awesome MP3 readings.
Any format you choose with Allie is excellent. She has a wonderful down to earth style and she shoots straight. I thoroughly enjoy her easy going, personable style and humor. She is truly able to hone in on people’s energy. I found many points of resonance in our readings and know others will as well! Thanks Allie! – Ashley S.

Allie is my go-to intuitive woman. She provides no sugar coating advice and gives what she sees to you straight. She is affordable and won’t break your bank. She is worth a lot of money and time, so grab a reading with her because she is HOT HOT HOT! — Samantha T., Flint, MI

I was lost before i met Aliie. I thought I was insane. She cleared up everything for me and I realized i was not losing my mind. I guess you can say she saved me. ~ Pamela, Ohio/USA

I have found Allie and have been a client of hers for the past 2 years now and it has been the best decision I have ever made. Besides just love, relationships, and sexual questions she has helped changed my views on life, and pushed me in the directions that I am supposed to go in this lifetime. The most recent relationship situation that Allie has helped me with most recently is one that I have just found this semester at school and she has been guiding me in the right direction of what to do. Okay my situation that I found was in one of my classes this semester I found myself becoming sexually attracted to a guy in one of my classes and it drove me crazy because I know I am straight, and so with one of the readings I bought from Allie I brought it up to her and she said that I am sexually attracted to him because in a past lifetime we were in a relationship together and he was a girl in that lifetime and when we broke up he was so distraught back then that when he was walking home he walked in the street and got hit by a car and died. So now all the same feelings have been coming back to me from that relationship, and now that I know he has a trait that my wife posses which is vulnerability I will be able to save him and my wife as well. Also I am supposed to help him find love, and teach him how to love so in my dreams I have been able to do so since that is one of my psychic gifts. I know this situation is not all the way settled, but I know if I need to know something Allie is their to help me with what I need so thank you Allie I really appreciate it!” –Alex, OH

Allie is helping me in an ongoing relationship situation and her accuracy has been nothing short of astounding. In the beginning, because I think like a scientist and saw no evidence, and the readings were so positive, I thought she was maybe 35% correct but I was wrong – she was about 99.9% correct. Entirely, spooky correct in getting inside his head and mine too! Even when I couldn’t fathom how, for example, two predictions could come together at the same time, they did. I really like her hard, clean certainty and no-nonsense attitude – I recently realized she’s like the paternal energy of the intuitive world, and you know, you need your mama and your daddy! I continue to be a satisfied, loyal client and will for the foreseeable future.”- Shannon, SC