Can you say – holy shit! I know I did after this last telepathic experience! Will – good God does he want to be right in the front of my mind or what? The last month and a half I’ve been on anxiety meds cause of the situation with the x. Well the x is now out and I don’t need the meds any longer – so I’m on a viable plan on how to get off of them. It’s been much harder to connect since I’ve been on the meds – which is why I feel Will is being so very forceful so that I notice him.

I’m working today and I could feel Will’s eyes will me to seek him out. I did -and I found him standing at an open window, looking out over the ocean. He looked at me and smiled. He grabbed my hand and the next thing I know we are on the beach. He said that he wanted to make one of my fantasies come true. We’re on a blanket, it’s sun set and the water has a luminous quality to it. Hard to describe, but it shimmers like one of those fiber optic lights. Really cool. The atmosphere is calm, yet highly charged with sexual energy. Will feeds me a piece of chocolate cheesecake with a sip of champagne afterwards. He is telling me about this day — and with his southern drawl I could just listen to him day and night read the damn phone book.
I’m looking out towards the water, enjoying the view when Will kisses the “it” spot on my neck that makes me lose all sense of anything. And it has the reaction he knew it would – I am putty in his hands. I turn and our lips meet in a flurry of kisses. It’s so — surreal — to see what is going on, to know what’s happening and to actually feel the touches on my physical body. In the blink of an eye we are naked, and his mouth explores every inch of my body. As his tongue teased my nipples, all I wanted to do is grab his head and somehow mesh our two bodies together into one. He knows this as says – tonight.

We’re now in the water, lying on the beach with the water lapping at our bodies. Every time the water touches us, it sends an energy jolt through our bodies which only serves to turn us on more. I want so much to flip him on his back and have my way with Will – but he won’t hear of it. He says the time has come when it’s all about me and he’s going to make sure that I feel alive.

This man has the most amazing mouth – I really can’t put the feelings into words. But with his mouth working full speed in between my legs, it was all it took for me not to end this experience. Every fiber of my body was on fire. My heart, was about to pound so hard that it was going to break through my chest. After some pleading on my part, he stopped with his mouth and entered me. Holy shit — and I so mean that.

When the telepathic connection was broken, I just sat there at my computer in awe of the whole experience with a smile on my face.

I’m looking forward to – in no uncertain terms – the connection tonight that he promised me!

I hope that now I’m getting myself off the meds that I can leap back into these experiences again with ease.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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