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Get Out of Your Own Way: Unlock Your Path to Success

Getting out of our own way, it’s a curious thought. Doing so can dramatically change our lives on the personal and professional path to success.

Transformation: Total Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Aries

Podcast Audio: Download April 8, 2024 Ask Allie Podcast: Life Advice with a Metaphysical Twist! Longest-running spiritual podcast on iTunes. Helping others since 2005. Grab a reading, OBE adventure fun, soulmate/twin flame…

Developing Telepathic Skills with a Partner

Developing Telepathic Skills with a Partner Telepathy, the ability to communicate mind-to-mind without the use of the five senses, is a topic that has fascinated people for centuries. Exploring the concept of…

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The Scared Circle, Spirals, And Atlantis!

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Telepathic Sex and Atlantis

Telepathic sex and Atlantis. Hot damn it’s a wonderful combination. To people who are not familiar with Atlantis, the combination may seem mismatched, or irrational. However, there couldn’t be a better combination…

Atlantis, The Crystal Cave, And Symbols!

I love Atlantis. It’s been awhile since I went into meditation and visited. So I decided to do it today 🙂 I decided to sit with my ajoite included messina quartz (this is…