Ask and you shall receive — it’s very true and I’m not sure why I have to remind myself of that little tid bit. I wanted more work, I put it out there and now I’m getting it. I still need this work for the long-haul — so keep it coming!! Thank you – thank you – thank you:)

A friend of mind dropped by the blog yesterday and left a comment about what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. True – very true. I think the Divine wants me to be on strong person in this life. That means that I have some major work ahead of me that requires that I’m stronger than I was a few weeks ago. I guess you really never do know your own strength until things are put to the test. That said — I would love just a small break in the getting stronger bit:)

I desperately need to do a session, I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without one! I am immediately taken into the woods. Not sure where the woods are located in the real world or if they even are — correction — now I know where they are at. The Ohio State Agriculture has a division here and back in there they have a wonderful tree grove. That’s where I was at:) Anyways – Ethan is standing there. His chiseled features stand out against his blondish/brown hair and white skin. I still cannot tell what color his eyes are — I’m not sure why thing bugs me, but it does. He greets me – I great him. He asks how am I doing? I’m not bad is my reply. We’re walking down a path of fallen pine needles when I see Ted sitting against a tree. Ethan tells me — he’s been waiting here for a long time for you. He wouldn’t go very far for very long – he knew you would be here. Ted looks up at me and smiles. My knees — went weak. I’m such a push over for him, sometimes I think it’s pathetic — but it is what it is.

Ted gets up and wraps me in a bear hug. He kisses me on the forehead and tells me to come on. I look at Ethan — don’t we have something to discuss? He nods and replies — it can wait — this time together is more important.

I hook my arm into Ted’s and we walk off. I’ve missed you – he whispers to me. I smile – I’ve missed you too. We round a corner and we are on the beach — the beach with the light house as I’ve seen in so many past visions. Next thing I know we are sitting down in the sand, our backs rest on a boulder. He grabs my hand and we just sit there, staring out at the ocean. Ted finally speaks – Your light’s been so dim lately. I don’t know what to do when that happens.

Send me some of yours? I replied. Ted shrugs. I’m not sure how. I give him one of those sideways looks like – oh come on. He gets the look and replies — no really, you and Bill make it look so easy but I don’t know how. I turn to him, grab his hands and show him how to bring the light out from the crown, around my body and then project it into him. He gives it a try and it works:)

By the way — good job with the computer, he chuckles.

I chuckle back — thanks.

You know, the time is drawing near for us to meet?

I nod — yes.

So stay strong and remember when you get to the other side I’ll be there.

I give him a quick kiss and end the session.

That was nice of Ted to show up. I know that the dimness of my light has affected the guys – just like when something happens to them it affects me.

Time to get my son up for school.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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