Erotic Telepathy involves more than only telepathic sex. With telepathic sex, the two or more people concentrate on the physical aspects of energy sex. With erotic telepathy, the concentration is on the body, mind, and spirit. Sexual intimacy is personal, sacred. It not only rocks you a hell of an orgasm but soulfully as well.

When you reach out with erotic telepathy, you sensual touch the soul. This is not an act that can be developed anywhere – anytime like telepathic sex. To achieve the intimacy you seek, you need some quiet time.

This is similar to the Atlantis Telepathic Sex I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. But different enough that you will want to give it a try. This too takes into account that you can connect telepathically with another.

Erotic Telepathy

  1. You need to get into the right frame of mind. This isn’t just about connecting for sex. It’s connecting soul to soul. Most people find that meditating (or day dreaming) about the target person for 15-20 min prior to connecting.
  2. Connect telepathically to your target person.
  3. Send white light of protection from you to them so that you both are in a telepathic “bubble”.
  4. Look them in the eyes and hold it.
  5. See the greenish/pink color of your heart chakra move across and “click” into their heart chakra.
  6. Imagine that you walk right towards them so that you are inside of his/her “personal space”
  7. Without losing eye contact, place your dominant hand (the one you write with) over their heart chakra.
  8. They should automatically return the gesture.
  9. Your hand should gently “fall into” their chest (the same will happen with their hand and your chest). You (and he/she) have reached into one another’s soul. There is usually a energy burst or a tingling. Starting from the middle of your chest and radiating out like sun rays.
  10. Many people like to leave this as is and explore these sensations. I tend to take it a step further by touching body to body. It is almost as if we blend together the outer layers of our energy while our hand has the soul’s core.
  11. This level of erotic intimacy can produce words, visions, deep emotions, inner knowledge, sexual release – all flowing back and forth between the two of you. At this heightened state of intimacy, people have been known to cycle through heightened sexual arousal, climax, orgasm, and right through the cycle again and again until they disengage.
  12. When finished, pull your energy back from taking your hand back, pulling your body away, and finally pulling the white light back.

I like to tell people to note their impressions after this has concluded. No two people have the same experience and no one person has the same repeated experience with the same person – no matter how many times they engage in erotic telepathy. If you can’t make it all the way through the 1st time, try again. It is well-worth practice and patience.

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