I had a dream visit from Will last night which, of course, led to dream sex.

He and I were up on a high cliff, naked, and looking down to the ocean below. We held hands and jumped into the water. I remember the water feeling very warm and soothing.

We noticed that we could breathe underwater and I looked at my right hand (which is my trigger to know I’m dreaming). I thought – now anything is possible.

We swam around and watched some fish, marveled at the coral and swam over to an underground cave. While we were in the cave (and still under water) I saw a very violet amethyst wall. When we were feeling the amethyst, shots of energy traveled through our bodies. Reading each other’s mind – we wondered what it would be like to have sex against an energy charged wall when we ourselves are very charged.

We’re completely weightless and he moved me against the wall with ease. The energy from the amethyst shot right into my back and I gasped. I grabbed Will’s head and pulled him to me – as soon as our lips touched he too got the jolt – as his body twitched. The energy of the wall heightened every sensation we felt.

When his lips brushed against my nipples, my toes curled – when his mouth took my left nipple I felt my body arch to orgasm already and I had to tell myself to calm down. But I couldn’t and by the amount of time we were on the wall (only moments) and the hardness of Will confirmed that we both knew there was no controlling this.

When he entered me, I felt as if he entered every part of my being. That there wasn’t any part of me that wasn’t being touched by him. My fingers dug into his back.. In the physical reality there would have been blood trickling down his back – that’s how tight I was holding on. As our bodies rocked in rhythm, moving faster by the second – the water around us changed colors – blue, then green, red, then yellow – orange – purple, and finally white. When it hit white – we couldn’t hold back any longer. The dream orgasm was fabulous. So much so it woke me up.

I love dreams like that!

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