I did not want to wake up from this dream sex visit; the setting was spectacular – bright blue waters, white sand and plenty of coconut trees. A warm breeze brushed up against Will and I as we laid back, naked, on a blanket drinking wine and eating fruit. It felt like Hawaii to me – I’ve never been to the islands, but it was a feel to me that this is where we were at.

I poured some of my red wine on Will’s stomach. He raised his eyebrows as if to say – what in the hell are you doing? I smiled, straddled over Will and licked the wine off his body. He growled that he wanted to do this to me. I said no – I’m not done.

I reached over and to get a variety of fruit pieces and I placed them all over his upper torso. My last stop – a pineapple ring on his penis. I sprinkled a little wine here and there — all the while I thought the man was going to spontaneously combust in anticipation. I held my upper body off his body by holding myself up with my arms. Very slowly I started my feast – taking in the fruit and the wine — with a hint of skin (not eating the skin silly, but nibbling on it). With every nibble I took care of – the eroticism of it all was not only driving him wild, but I considered saying the hell with it and just jumping on for the ride. But no — slowly and steady I worked my way down until I got to the —pineapple.

The pineapple had fallen to the base of his penis – so with every bite of the pineapple ring, I licked the area around his penis – his balls, the smooth area between his penis and anus (after all, the wine and pineapple juice couldn’t be lost – now could it?). It took everything in me to remember to keep it slow — pineapple never tasted sooooooo good!

And right then — an alarm went off — jerked us both out of the dream. Damn it all!

Pineapple has taken on a whole new meaning — one which I will be reminded of as I am making the Easter ham!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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