Today I feel like I’m on an emotional overload, and I’m not sure why. Both men have been front and center – so in my face. They both haven’t done this together in a very long time. So something must be up, I just can’t hone in on what it is. I was fine when I woke up, and then about 9:00 am EDT is when it all started. Maybe the reason will come to me during my session – we’ll see. But, luckily since I know the emotions are not mine, I can block them and I have.

For my session, I am drawn into an office. Looks to be Bill’s office with things piled places. I’m looking around when I see Bill come in with a folder full of papers. They actually look to be pages of my blog. When to my right, astral Bill joins me with a big ole grin on his face. I tell him – it’s about time. He gives me one of those have cocked grins and replies – I had some things to sort out. Are they sorted – I ask. Almost – is his reply. Give me just a few more months and I will be where I need to. Good I say, I’ll be where I need to be as well. He grabs my hand and says, come with me.

We emerge in a very modern, and lighted place. The building looks to have many skylights on the roof and some big windows along one of the wall to where there is a great view of the ocean. How do you like it – he inquires. I’m looking around, liking what I see and I tell him so. He says good – because I’m selling it. I laugh – to me I ask. No. But to buy this — and he grabs my hand again and off we go.

This time we emerge with green grass under our feet, blue skies and I can see horses in the distance. I’m buying this — he tells me. Where is this? I ask as I glance around. It’s a place called Dragonfly Ranch. I tell him it’s great. Nice pool, land, horses….it really looks like a great place. But then I have to ask – what does this have to do with me? He laughs — what do you think? Sometimes I don’t want to be psychic – so why don’t you tell me. He shakes his head – no. If I don’t know then I will have to figure it out. Are you talking about my son and I living here? He shrugs and says, if you two would like to. I think that I have a house in Ohio that I like. He gives me one of those looks like – you’re kidding, right – and says, I thought you wanted out of Ohio. I shrug and say – I do. But on my terms. He laughs and says, okay.

Ted arrives to my left and asks Bill – can I show her now? Bill says yes. So I say good bye to Bill and Ted takes me off to an English country estate. Old, made of stone — very stately, very ENGLISH. I tell him that this is a nice place. Great fountain, yards, etc…but why am I here? Next thing I know he takes me inside and we’re watching a scene unfold. I am giving a butler (I’m guessing here since I’ve never had one) directions about a party that is coming up. I hear a bunch of kids moving our way and my son is in the lead. He looks to be about 8. Very handsome – and big he is – towers over his friends. I see Ted come in and tell myself and the butler something to which the butler looks back and me and I nod — off he goes. Ted opens the fridge and wants to grab some of the food – says he wants a snack, but I won’t let him.

I look at astral Ted and ask — is this my house too? He smiles and says – if you want. But what about Ohio I ask? What about it? We come to Ohio to visit too. I look at him and I have to comment about how much information he and Bill just sent my way. He agrees, it’s a lot to absorb. But since all 3 of us are privy to the information, it is felt that we can all handle it.

I comment out loud that this is all the information I want right now — and I’m brought right out of the session.

Not that any of this is a surprise — I don’t know, it’s just odd to see and absorb. The place where Ted was, I’ve had visions about that place before – I think once when a whirlwind dropped me off. With Bill and the ranch, it is familiar — but I can’t place it right now.

At least now I can see why the two of them are both “right there” — a lot of triad activity going on!

Back to work I go!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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