You’ve tried astral travel a few times, even have had astral sex on more than one occasion. But it just doesn’t appear to be as great as what you thought it would be. Are you doing something wrong? Probably. Here are 5 tips to help you have an orgasmic astral sex experience.

Tips For Better Astral Sex

  1. Did you eat red meat before your experience? Red meat grounds you and kills the experience. Skip the beef at least 4 – 8 hours before you travel. The further out the better. Personally I wait 24 hours to make sure.
  2. Do you clear your mind of clutter before you have astral sex? A clutter mind makes it difficult not only to travel, but to engage in sexual activity. Counting up or down slowly is a good way to clear the mind. Another way is to chant or use a mantra, spoken out loud or to yourself. Personally I use the non-verbal method as it defines better with my astral body & mind as opposed to verbal.
  3. Are you remembering your experiences? Even when you get back to your physical body and find out you have had an orgasm, it’s not as much fun if you cannot remember how you got that excited. Just as you would with dreaming, keep an astral journal (or an OBE sex journal) and write down what you remember upon your return. The more you jog your memory, the more you will remember.
  4. Are you thinking 2 dimensional in a 3 dimensional world? You are not bound by your human body. In the astral planes you can change gender, have a penis and a vagina, engage with multiple sexual partners at once. Don’t think linear, think circular.
  5. Do you try to astral travel and/or astral sex several times a day? To do so so rapidly tires your body and mind. With a tired body and mind you cannot achieve the orgasmic conclusion you desire. Start off slow – a couple of times a week. Then every day, then twice a day and so forth. Your physical body has to adjust one step at a time.

Lastly, don’t expect orgasms right out the gate. Your first physical time was probably not a win-win experience. But then you practiced and got the hang of physical sex. Same applies to astral sex. The more you do it correctly, the better you will get at it and therefore the more enjoyable it will be for you.

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