Before I dreamed about Unknown Man the other night, I had a wild dream sex experience with Will. We were in Salem, Mass in front of an old stone building with an arched entry way and two glass showcases on either side. He grabbed my hand and we went in.

Once inside I realized it was an antiques shop. He said to look around and see if I could find anything from one of our past lives. We searched through piles upon piles of objects until he found a brown leather-backed book. He told me to hurry over so I did. Standing beside him he opened up the book.

When he did that a bright light emitted from the book (think of the ark opening in Raiders of the Lost Ark) that was blinding and very warm.

The next thing we both knew is that we were underwater in a deep, blue-green ocean. I panicked because at first I thought I was going to drown – but at that moment is when he realized he could breathe just fine.

That’s when we noticed we were both naked. A cute devilish grin came over Will’s face. That’s when I hightailed it in the opposite direction. The chase was on!

I’m amazed how fast one can swim in a dream – it’s mind blowing.

I swam into a sunken ocean-liner. Darting through the algae covered ship I weaved through a variety of opening until I came to what I think was a first-class stateroom. Hard to tell when everything was in disarray.

Will swam up behind me and grabbed my butt with both hands to push/guide me to a wall. When I met the wall he sunk his teen into my left butt cheek. It started me, more than hurt. He gently turned me around and began nipping and licking along my inner thighs. I had no idea when I was going to wake up – no time to lose as I felt on fire by this time. With my hands I guided his face between my legs.

His tongue played with my clit – round and round it went. A flick here, a flick then the full pressure of his mouth moved side to side – back and forth and picked up speed.

Before I could say anything or do anything his cock was inside – hard thrust after hard thrust with each thrust harder than the preceding one. The energy was building up inside both of us. His blue eyes staring in my brown eyes – I could see light shooting off from us to surround us until neither one of us could hold back any longer and climaxed almost at the same time.

The jolt of the orgasm woke me up.

As I laid there in my bed, breathing heavy, I checked to see if I could calk this up to a “wet dream” and sure enough I could.

I smiled, rolled over and went back into dreamland.

Happy OBE’ing!

Allie 🙂


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