I know – what a combo! But hell, the dream I had the other night with Ian was surreal yet a bit off. Let me explain…

The dream began with Ian working at a ice cream or smoothie stand located inside of a mall. It wasn’t in the food court, but outside one of the anchor stores like JcPenney or Macy’s. He looked great – radiant smile, bright blue eyes and great hair:) He had it all going on!

Every time I came out of a store, there he was. I’d walk down a row of stores and run into him. Felt like he was being a stalker. But he was really nice, sweet — I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as we talked. He said, “I really missed you.” I knew that was from our past lives into this life. He was sweet – and I wanted to kiss him. But I was flippant, distant. I had an inner dialogue with myself and kept asking “why are you doing this you idiot?”

At the ice cream/smoothie stand, he pulled out his laptop and showed me his new business – making Celtic jewelry. They were great pieces. One in particular stood out, and it was an engagement ring kind of like the one in this post’s picture. He whispered that he had me in mind when he made it.

The next thing I know I switched to another dream visit with Ian. We were at a party – but seperately. Our eyes met from across the room (cue drama series music – lol) and I felt my stomach drop (like on the 1st hill of a roller coaster) and time stopped – yet the past flashed before my eyes. He was there with his wife (in real life I think he is getting married in August). I walked over to the bar, I felt him watch me go.

I didn’t have to look, the tingles all over my body told me he was right beside me. I turned to look at him and he just stared at me. After a few seconds he stuck his hand out and introduced himself, I shook his hand and introduced myself. When our hands touched, a electric impulse went up my arm and down my spine. By the look on his face, same thing happened to him. He asked if we knew each other – as I looked familiar. I answered yes – we do – but it was from a long time ago.

Next thing I know, is he and I are outside with my back to a wall. His lips hover right above my lips. I tell him I can’t kiss him, he’s married. He says he knows. Then asks where I’ve been his whole life and why didn’t he run into me 6 months earlier.

He placed his forehead onto mine and we just stood there – breathing heavy – I knew all I wanted to do was to rip off his clothes. Finally, his lips were grazing my top lip. Every cell in my body sprung to life — I tilted my head back and he gave me a full, deep passionate kiss. Then another kiss – and another one. They were so delicious. In the back of my mind I’m saying — stop, no, don’t….but instead I unbuttoned his shirt four buttons and ran my hand along his hairy chest. His heart was beating so hard that I swear it was going to hop out of his body.

As much as our bodies and soul screamed KEEP GOING we knew we couldn’t. He took a step back and buttoned his shirt. He started top apologize and I told him not to. I asked him if he ever read “The Dangerous Liaisons”? He said yes, several times. Asked why? Told him it was a book I’ve been meaning to read. Asked if I had a Kindle or Nook – said I wanted the actual book in my hands to read. He said that felt right.

Small talk about his life, mine, why I was in LA and where I was staying – when my plane was leaving. I mentioned that he needed to get back – he reluctantly agreed.

I asked him if I could feel his face – I wanted to memorize every part of it. He stepped to me and placed my hands on his face – then he placed his hands on my face. We felt one another’s face and tears started off as drops, then into a full-fledged stream. I couldn’t stop the flow. He couyldn’t stop his flow. And both of us couldn’t believe that we were crying – it was a spontaneous response.

The next scene I remember is checking out of my hotel room when the desk clerk gave me a package – it was “The Dangerous Liaisons”. Inside was a message from Ian – “Until we meet again” Love Ian.

I woke up right after that – my cheeks were still damp from tears. My lips still felt his kiss. I laid there for about 20 min going over those dream visits – step by step – as best as I could remember.


Looking forward to actually meeting him within the next 18 months 🙂

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