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By Anne Copley: Date Night of His Dreams

“Yes, now, oh yes”, his eyes snapped open. Of all times for his alarm to go off, it was in the middle of a very hot dream. He then turned and realized it was Saturday. Why on earth did he set his alarm? His mind was foggy. He checked his phone, yep it was Saturday. He normally would have rolled over back to sleep, but his dream left him with a rather raging erection. He started thinking of the dream again. It was his co-worker, Sarah, with her dark locks saying yes, now, oh yes. She had brilliant blue eyes. Her eyes were fixed on him. In the dream, he had her over to his apartment after a few beers. They decided to “talk” about “navigating” dating and being co-workers. However, “talking” soon turned to making out. It was a powerful make out session. The dream, though then showed her leaving. It went to the next date, at the movies, then another, where he had her over for wine and food and movies.

This was where Dan’s dream got really good. He was surprised, as it almost didn’t feel like a dream, because they had in fact already met for beer, talked, made out, etc. His southern brain flinched and he realized he wanted to go back to the good part. Dan and Sarah enjoyed their wine, and were eating foods that were all hands-on. They began to feed one another. Sarah was enjoying it, and Dan was enjoying her ample cleavage each time she leaned in for a bite. Sarah was checking out Dan’s arms. They finished one bottle of wine, and decided to pop a movie in. Dan also had Netflix, and suggested Sarah could find something there.

As he went to get a second bottle of wine open, he realized a) she likely wouldn’t be driving home, and b) she could easily see what he last watched. For option A, they had already discussed that he would be a gentleman and sleep on the couch if she wanted to pack a few things to stay over. For option B, he then realized she would see that he had a strong taste in foreign films as well as a penchant for bad comedies that featured half naked women.

He rushed back in to distract Sarah with wine choices when he saw his cover was blown. “Well, looks like we both have an interest in foreign films, and don’t worry, as for the other ones, I’ve probably seen most of them”, she said with a purr and a blush. Dan was intrigued. Sarah knew Netflix didn’t have her most favorite film, so Dan let her know he had it on DVD.

Sarah readily agreed, and Dan opened up the other wine. Sarah’s film was by an obscure director, and it was a heady blend of whimsy, romance, and sex. They soon settled in, and Dan was impressed by how much of the language Sarah still knew. Dan went to turn to compliment her, when he realized Sarah was looking at him. Dan couldn’t help it, he leaned in for a kiss. Sarah returned his kiss, and bumped up the ardor.

It was as if they were in a comedy themselves. The kiss unlocking their passion that had been repressed all that time at work. Soon, Dan had Sarah on her back. They were kissing with more ardor, when Dan paused. Sarah’s shirt was almost off, and a breast was free of her bra when he questioned if it was the right time. His hand was on her breast, and she arched her back, “Yes, now, oh yes”, she replied. It was then that the dream ended.

Dan realized he couldn’t exactly sleep. Sarah was in fact coming over that night. He cleaned up his apartment and changed the sheets. If a woman was sleeping in his bed, he was going to have clean sheets, and he also thought ahead to putting up fresh towels.

Before too long, it was evening and Sarah was there. Soon, the dream was playing out before Dan. The wine, the food, Sarah’s cleavage, it was all there. Dan was in awe. He had often checked out Sarah, she was so beautiful, he couldn’t help it. But it was more than just seeing her as an object, it was this total package. He wondered if Sarah saw how beautiful she was. He doubted it as from having a sister, he learned most women didn’t see how beautiful they were.

Soon, they were in the exact moment of the dream. He and she had been kissing, when Sarah pulled him on top of her. Dan was a little worried that she would be offended by his obvious boner, but she seemed to enjoy that she had caused that reaction. Dan was lifting her shirt, and feeling a lovely breast, when she moved. Soon, her breast popped out of the cup. Dan was beside himself, it was full, round, and topped with a beautiful rosy nipple that was oh so taut. He palmed it and had Sarah moaning. He soon realized he ought to make sure it was ok. Just as in the dream, she urged him on. However, she indicated that her tits were needing freedom. She blushed when she realized she used that word.

Dan let her know that she could use that word, as it was a bit of a turn on hearing her use less proper words. They both agreed that it was kinda fun to hear someone talk dirty as long as it wasn’t too much. Sarah then looked at Dan and asked what he thought of her rack. He laughed. He feigned innocence. Sarah then pointed out several tops she wore that although not necessarily low cut, caused Dan to stop talking and lose his train of thought. Dan laughed harder.

He leaned in and whispered in her ear that he though she had amazing tits and couldn’t wait to take each one in his mouth and have her squirming under him. Sarah gasped and then giggled a little. She commended his good job at talking naughty, and kissed his cheek. Dan then lowered his head to sample each breast. He circled his tongue around the nipple, flicking it across to turn it a deeper rose shade. He noticed they were both rather firm, but he was able to make them more so.

Dan decided against more talk for now as he didn’t want to offend, a little went a long way. He then took the other breast and nipple in his mouth and began to suck on it. He sensed she liked the tongue, but how would she like the other action. Sarah moaned. Both apparently pleased her. Dan then realized she was trying to take his shirt off. He had to remove himself at the task at hand for her to succeed. Dan nipped her bud with his teeth gently, and she cried out a little louder.Dan’s erection surged again.

Both of them moaned. Sarah soon had Dan’s shirt off. Sarah was appreciating his nice arm muscles, and defined chest. He wasn’t overly built, which she liked. Sarah’s type was not the gym rat. Dan’s figure was all kinds of right. Sarah and Dan began to kiss again. Dan began to kiss Sarah more deeply, and she ground against him. From that slight contact, Dan had a feeling she was very hot and very wet. He wanted to confirm. Dan whispered in her ear that he wanted to go further south, and was that ok.

Sarah nodded, but Dan pulled back. He looked into her eyes, he needed to know. Sarah then verbalized that she indeed wanted him to go further. Dan unbuttoned and unzipped her pants, and slowly took them off of her. She had on cotton undies which was even more of a turn on for him. She indicated that she would help him take off his pants, and Dan tried to but almost fell off the couch.

Sarah laughed with Dan, and she helped him regain his balance as he stood up. Dan took off his pants, he then indicated to Sarah either the floor with pillows or the bed would be more comfortable. Sarah suggested the floor as the candles were lit. Dan agreed. He set out pillows for them, and a blanket. He laid Sarah down gently, and noticed Sarah was checking him out completely. He had on ‘tighty-whities’ that left little to the imagination. He returned to kissing her neck and ear, while his hand got familiar with a breast again. Sarah whispered lower, and Dan obliged.

His hand slowly went over her panties. She was so very wet. He loved the feeling. Dan moved his hand up and down her mound. Sarah writhed with each slow motion. It was as though Dan knew exactly what to do in which places. Dan then drew his hand back and slowly he went inside her panties. He was wanting to enjoy every moment. He felt hair, and realized Sarah wasn’t completely shaven. He liked that, from touch, he could tell she did maintain the area, but it wasn’t barren. His hand again went from her nub to the well and back. He would dip a finger into her wetness and draw it back up to her clit. Dan then pulled his hand out, and licked his finger, he couldn’t help it. He wanted to know her taste.

For months, Sarah and Dan had been dancing around their attraction, and now he could truly enjoy Sarah; body, mind, and heart. Sarah grinned when he did that, and blushed. She exclaimed his name, and explained that she didn’t expect that but liked it. Dan asked if he could take her panties off, and she quickly agreed. She then explained she wanted his off as well. He then shook his head no. Dan realized he didn’t have any condoms handy. He dashed off to go get them.

Dan explained to Sarah that they were given to him by a friend in case he ever let them drop and asked Sarah out. Dan turned a little red, not sure how Sarah would take it, and Sarah let Dan know it was ok. She appreciated the thoughtfulness.

Dan then kissed his way down her body, he began to assault her junction with kisses, licks, and sucking. Soon, he was tonguing her as his fingers went in and out. Sarah was squirming and kept repeating his name in a moaned whisper. Dan liked this. He had often fantasized about how he would handle this moment. Dan sped up his hand a little, and Sarah soon came.

Dan kissed back up Sarah’s body and gave her a full kiss. Sarah then reached her hand down to him. She indicated that she wanted to put the condom on. Dan nodded his head, and Sarah was soon removing his briefs. Sarah then took a condom out and began to slowly put it on him. Once it was on, she stroked him. Sarah was about to go down, when Dan explained that he wanted her. Sarah stopped and looked at him, and Dan further explained that if she did that, he’d need twenty minutes or so. Sarah winked, and moved back up to join him.

Dan moved himself so he was over Sarah. Together they guided him inside her. Both moaned once he was fully in her. Sarah said that she had wanted this for a long time, and asked him to wait a moment. She wanted to truly feel him in her. Dan agreed, but only for a moment he winked. Soon, Dan was moving using long, slow strokes to pull almost all the way out and fill her again.

Sarah was matching his rhythm. They were in sync rather quickly and he loved the feeling of being inside her. She gripped him on the in stroke, and that just added to his desire. Soon, though, the characters on screen were having sex. Sarah and Dan laughed about forgetting the movie was on. The music background was faster, so Dan increased his speed. He was also plunging harder into Sarah. Her “mmm yeah, like that, oh yes” was all the reassurance he needed that he was sensing her needs correctly.

Dan balanced himself on his arms, so he could raise up on his knees. He soon pulled Sarah down a bit, and she was filled even more. Sarah moaned his name. Dan now was on his knees, sitting up he was able to use his thumb on her nub. As he plunged into her, his thumb worked her clit. Sarah was shaking now, as she was close to orgasm. Soon, Dan felt her walls gripping him tightly as her body shook.

Dan slowed his rhythm, and Sarah looked up at him. She indicated he could keep going, or she would love to have him in her mouth. Dan was more than willing to accept that offer. Dan and Sarah had talked quite a bit, and as both had recently tested clear of anything, she decided to take the condom off. She expected him to use it for sex, but was willing to go without for oral.

Sarah took him fully into her mouth. He gasped. Sarah liked having the ability to give back to him the pleasure he gave her. Dan noticed her full lips wrapped around him, and it was another jolt right to his member. Sarah smiled around his cock when she felt that.

She began to hum on him as she went up and down. Dan was beside himself. He loved that sensation. Dan gently put his hand through her hair. He didn’t want to push her head, but make some sort of connection. Dan felt her sucking harder, and it drove him to the end. He was soon bucking and warning Sarah that he was there. Sarah didn’t let up, and in fact, found his sweet spot and pressed a finger there just as he was climaxing. Dan yelled her name, and came into her mouth.

In a moment, he realized that she not only had taken the condom off, but swallowed. Dan snapped back to logic mode, and Sarah quickly assured him that they had both been tested, she was ok with her decision. Dan then decided to lay back and enjoy the site of this gorgeous woman flicking her tongue to the corner of her mouth to get a spot of sperm. She then slowly licked his balls and his shaft completely clean. Dan never knew how to tell past women, but he appreciated that feeling, as long as it was gentle. The feeling of a tongue gently caressing his swollen, throbbing, just came member was a good one.

At this point, Dan pulled Sarah up to him, and they cuddled. Dan pulled the other blanket over them, he wanted the feeling of her full breasts pressed against him, not to mention, he was aware of her throbbing junction. Something about those two told him it may not be fully twenty minutes before he was ready to go again.

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