Bill, when he shows up you know it’s going to be a good time in astral sex land. Several weeks ago I had some time to kill. I hadn’t been engaging in astral sex in awhile as building the new web site and brand has taken up a lot of my time.

After I separated from my body I was fuzzy about where I was at. Not sure why, as I was in my bedroom. But I was confused for a split second. I find my barrings and as I did, I saw Bill appear in the far right corner of my bedroom. He was more not there, then there, as his energy looked silver shimmery with dots of the rainbow fleeting about – like they were atoms bouncing around in a closed container. It was odd, yet cool at the same time.

I watched him fly upwards, through my ceiling, so I thought about following him and in a split second I was doing just that. We flew up and outside my house – had a great view of the town. He still was shimmering like a B-movie alien, when he shot backwards and out of sight. Determined not to lose him, I flew after him. At least I’m assuming I flew – I thought about Bill and there I went.

We were in an area that is kind of hard to explain. It was a fluid landscape. It wasn’t water. But it was fluid in nature and a turquoise blue in color. We too were in constant motion, moving or floating at a slow speed to the right. I have no idea if we could go to the left as I didn’t think to try it.

Since entering the field of fluidity, I was too much in awe of where I was to think about doing anything. The field was energetically charged with a high positive state of being. I don’t know how else to describe it. With this high positive state came also an overwhelming feeling of love and sexual energy.

Bill expanded in front of me to double his current size. His human figure morphed into what I would describe as “Phoenix-like” with a rather extensive wing span. With his arms/wings/energy outstretched he telepathically communicated with me by saying “Let me love you.” to which I allowed myself to get pulled into his energy.

When our energy touched, his wings/arms/energy wrapped around me so that I was completely surrounded by him. The sensations went from feeling like a hot poker was stuck in me (I knew no other way to say that – lol), to the high energy vibrations to wave from my center out into the fluid atmosphere around me. The vibrations itself felt like powerful waves of ecstasy rippling through me. I wanted to scream out in joy, but I had no mouth, no voice. However, screaming in my “head” set out an aftershock of rippled energy.

The astral sex was so energized that it slammed by astral body back into my physical body and brought me right out of it. My body was reeling from the orgasmic flight. My skin was all tingly and sensitive to touch. I reached down to check and sure enough my body has an orgasmic response just as my energy did.

What happens in your energy field, your body follows. Not the other way around!

Happy OBE’ing!

Allie 🙂

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