I grabbed this goodie from the long-ago archives and brought it up front – made it for BLISS only. Enjoy!

Grab a drink and get situated — this one’s kinda long….

This week just has not gone as planned – same as last week. Hell – the whole month of February has been a huge problem not only for me, but for my poor son. He now has the flu – the nasty flu with the high fever, body aches, headache, nausea…I am just praying to anyone who will listen in the universe for me not to get this. I’m trying to push through with the bronchitis I think I have – thank you very much. I don’t need anything else.

But what I’ve been doing with my congestion and nasal snafu is sending white ball of energy to help speed up the healing process. For my lungs I imagine a nice big ball of white light going into my lungs, through the back, and back in again out the front. I do the same with my throat and my sinuses. Anytime I do this, I feel much better afterwards. So I’m trying to send the light through several times a day.

I don’t quite get 2009 yet – what it has in store for me. It hasn’t gone as I thought it would. Thus far all scripts and what not have been turned down. I’m about as creative as a barn door – which isn’t very helpful in the rewrite process. Readings aren’t there – readings on Keen & Live Person haven’t been going very well – the people I do help (not very many) that don’t know me or how I work – give me bad marks. Those that have used me before for a reading (not just an email exchange) – I’ve been fine with – they know how I work.

I did ask my guides to show me what direction I should be heading into — and it looks like sex advice is it. Although they are telling me not to give up on my scripts either – that I have to keep pushing that right along with my OBE book. But since I know I can’t concentrate on two things at once – I have to pick – book or script rewrite. They pull on me the same.

Which brings me to a radio show. I want to do one radio show, once a week to start with. Now since sex seems to have caught on – do I have it be a sex advice themed show? Or since the majority of people I know work in the metaphysical/healing fields – should it be more like Ask Allie? Or – should I mash them both and do a “Allie Theiss” show that encompasses all of it. But I think that would be too wide spread – don’t you think? I like the being a sex psychic and I like promoting that part. It’s easier , I think, to bring the psychic part into the sex than it is to bring the sex into the psychic part. Does that make sense? I know it’ll be clearer the closer I get to actually doing this. But I should would appreciate some clear cut answers every now and again. Answers that are extremely obvious and leave to room for interpretation.

All of the visions I have of me giving workshops in a large arena deal with the sex theme. So again, I suppose, that’s another sign. I can see the whole thing – a large gathering with me giving a sex talk 3x over a course of 3 days. Then there are smaller workshops that people can sign up for and get the know on different kind of fetishes, toys and of course OBE sex. There are also a host of vendors there to sell their fetish products, clothes and toys. Wow – I just got all of that. Pretty cool.

I keep getting a push to go back to the meadow. For those of you who don’t know what the meadow is – it’s a place that Bill, Ted and I used to meet quite a bit several years ago. Then the woman who actually owns the meadow in the physical world – we had a major falling out – and we’ve only been back once since then. I’m getting really bothered by it right now. Oh hell – I’m going to grab my healing want and see what happens – hold on.

Okay – first of all when I grabbed my healing wand and closed my eyes – it felt so strange in my hands, like is was bendable – like one of those bendy kid straws you see. As I was at the meadow – it felt like I was bending it, reshaping it, but when I was done at the meadow it was feeling very solid again.

Now at the meadow I was greeted by both Bill and Ted. They looked pretty good – run down, tired, but overall good. The meadow was lush, green and full of vibrant energy – like it had once been. Several hundred feet away I spied a woman. I knew immediately that she was the woman I/we had the falling out with – the one who owns the meadow. I didn’t want to go anywhere near her. But then Jesus showed up (this seems to be a favorite place of his as well) and told me that I have to walk over and see her. We need each other right now – I/we need the meadow to move forward in our lives and she needs us in the meadow so that she can move forward with her life.

I told Bill and Ted to stay put and I walked across the grass – felt very velvet like on my bare feet. I was close to her and I just stared at her. She held out her hand, but I didn’t take it. She repeated what Jesus had already said – we need to make peace in order to move forward. I shook her hand – but I told her to stay away from us. She nodded in agreement – and she was gone.

I went back to Bill and Ted and let them know that we should be able to come here again without any problems. The large oak tree that Bill and I used to travel up in to reach the heavens had a white glow up top. I could also hear some angelic calling. I looked at the guys and said that they want to talk with us. Now Ted had never been up there with Bill and I. And he didn’t want to go. He said he wasn’t ready – such a look of fear in his eyes. I told him that if he wasn’t ready he wouldn’t be here. He didn’t care – he said he’d do this later. With that he disappeared.

I looked at Bill and asked if we really needed to go up? I could feel the tug so I knew it was important – but like Ted I just didn’t feel like it right now. Bill said no – it can wait until tomorrow. We laid down under the oak tree, I wrapped myself around Bill, he put his arms around me. I said that I missed these visits – he agreed – he did too. I mentioned that the powers that be will snag us in our dreams. He laughed and said – of course they will. And with that the connection was broken.

What does this all mean? Specially I don’t have a clue. But I’m sure it has to deal with the increased time I have been spending in Atlantis during my dream time…

Each time I have visited Atlantis over the last week, I have been clothed in a very deep purple or violet flowing robe or maybe it’s a dress. But it’s very light feeling, like I have no clothes on. Bare feet with nothing on underneath this dress. There is a gold belt or sash around the middle. My hair is up – I have no jewelry on. But I do notice a star tattoo/birthmark inside my left wrist. The star is a light red/purple in color – too light to be a tattoo I think. Maybe times I go from person to person, giving them some sort of clear liquid from a crystal vial. They open their mouths and I pop a few drops in. It’s like their daily wellness drops. Then I’m at a clinic of sorts. When people come in, they put their palms on a crystal scanner – after they are scanned, they are allowed into the next section of the clinic for treatment. I’m told that this security was put in because people from other sects were trying to sneak in and have us heal them. Seems that the other sects already began to fall to the dark side ( I feel like I’m in Star Wars) and our sect was one of the few remaining that was all light.

Last night though – it was interesting when I walked deep into a cave. There were no lights in the cave, but I made my way without missing a step. I emerged into this large cavern that was aglow with thousands of crystals (although this was not the Crystal Cavern I’ve talked about before). In here, were dozens of people from not only our sect, but many others, engaged in an orgy. But it wasn’t an orgy like you would think about now a days – it didn’t have that negative aura surrounding it. During the time of Atlantis, love was given and received freely – pleasuring one another in a group setting was the way we spread the love (so to speak). I kept hearing that we were vessels of love. That having a physical body to make love to was a new experience for a handful of us who were born just as energy – myself included. When we came to Atlantis through the portal – that is when we received a physical body. Although the pleasure derived from merging energy with energy was greater – the physical aspect of connecting proved to be not only interesting but fun. I could feel though that this form of sexual expression would frustrate me at times as I always wanted to strive for that orgasmic punch I had when I was pure energy.

It just dawned on me – -just now. Why I’m here – one of the main reasons. Oh hell – sometimes I am just so slow. The more times souls spend in the physical body – the less they remember what it felt like to love outside the physical body. That is what I’m here to do (in part) is to have people reconnect with love & sex outside the physical body – to help them get in touch with who they truly are – their soul – and not that physical body they’re in. For the most part, very few people can remember the orgasmic qualities to being pure energy and having sex. Hence – here I am. To help people with their sex lives by using their energy bodies. Also to get sex out of the closet. It’s not a dirty thing – it’s a wonderful, necessary process for our souls. I guess this just answered my radio show question – didn’t it?

Can you believe it’s been a year since I met Will? God how time flies. What I wouldn’t do to meet him again. How I wish he would’ve called like he said he would. I wonder what part of me scared him? Was it that I knew him in a different light than everyone else did? Maybe he was worried that by knowing me he’d mess up his current relationship? He could be fearful of change? Whatever it was – I only wish that he showed the same faith that I did when I hopped on that plane to see him with my son. Just a little bit of faith – that’s all. Which makes me wonder how Vincent will act. And even if I want to risk being rejected by him.

I know that there’s more to tell you – but right now I haven’t got a clue to what it is:) Besides – I think that this is long enough!

Crystal Sunshine!

Allie 🙂

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