June 6, 2016

Ask Allie Podcast: Life Advice with a Metaphysical Twist!

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* Topic: What Does It Mean When Your Soul Mate/s Are Alive?
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  1. Hi there- I’ve seen your opinion on twin flames that they only get along and never fight- but if they are both in the flesh with egos, how is this possible? Bills still have to be paid and children still misbehave and life happens- the two of you can’t go through life floating on a cloud- twin flames or not- right? If on the other hand one is in spirit and the other in the flesh- then the person in the flesh still has an ego and can be a type A personality with a very negative attitude- so even with the blessing of a twin flame coming into that persons life in spirit and verifying without a doubt that there is an afterlife– which is a totally beautiful thing– The person in the flesh is still being negative and does not have much love for self and is not being very nice to the spirit that is showing nothing but what seems like unconditional love- because as I understand it, the spirit no longer has to deal with an ego- that has been shed but the flesh and blood person does and with an attitude I might add. So the spirit is always with the person that is in the flesh and there is no getting rid of it- it’s as though there is a cord attaching the two and the spirit is felt 24/7. If an intimate moment were to happen- the person in the flesh has no say- it will happen no matter what, there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide- but the spirit knows of course not to let it happen in public. One more thing to add- the mind of the person in the flesh is totally “haunted” by the thoughts of this spirit and knows the identity of the spirit. The confusion here is- is this a soulmate or twin flame connection- because I always thought a soulmate in spirit conversing with someone in the flesh would not be attached 24/7. We also can have hundreds of soulmates but only one twin- flame. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 😉 😉

    1. Hi KK,

      To me, it feels like you’ve made this much more complicated than it has to be. Sometimes putting too much thought into something can get into the way of actually experiencing it.

      I’m not positive where you heard me say that a twin flame connection is all flowers and butterflies – because I do not believe that all. You’re right – the human ego gets in the way and life (bills, obligation, etc…) we have to navigate. What I do believe is that a recognized TF connection (meaning you both know you are each others TF) that the relationship is easier only because you both are secure in the relationship. There’s patience and love without obsession or jealousy. Neither of you worry that the other one will leave the other. Sure you guys can argue over putting the seat down or taking the trash out. But the foundation of the relationship is solid.

      Yes – TF and SM are connectedd 24/7. But that doesn’t mean you have to have an open channel to them or they to you 24/7. You can silence the connection without cutting the connection. SO the connection is still viable but isn’t in your face.

      The person in the flesh who is connected to a TF who is not in human form at the same time isn’t haunted by the TF unless that is the way he or she views the connection and the situation. The person in the flesh also has a say of something sexual is going on – even if he or she does not realize what is going on.

      Also if the human is negative – then he or she will contiune to be negative until he or she chooses not to be.

      We are all made of energy. You. Me. My dog. The tree. We’re all energy and all connected. Those who are our soul mates & our twin flame have a closer energy. Actually we can have thousands of soul mates. My POV about soul mates has evolved over the last 14 years. I’m always learning! That’s the fun of it 🙂

      The way to tell a TF is that you know it is. You do not have to ask anyone if it is a TF. Also soul mates come with some sort of lesson – TF do not.

      Hope this helps a bit. I’m learning right along side you 🙂

      Take care,
      Allie 🙂

  2. I need some help I’m not going to give names cause it’s private but I’ve been having experiences of what I think is an astral pregnancy I have all the symptoms I know my baby is a little girl I even know her name she connected to this other individual as well I never met him but I know him I’ve felt him subconsciously massaging me touching me we share compassionate touch for one another mind wise and our physical bodies don’t even know well I know I feel him I’m not sure if he knows or not or he may not even know I know and heard of spirit babies waiting to be born I feel her like she’s there she picked a man and soul I may never end up being in a relationship with I’m kind of scared how is all this possible I think I may be pregnant astrially from him his subconscious I feel comfortable with him and have no fear of him it’s like I’ve known forever even though I’m here and he’s halfway cross the continent my spirit baby brought us together am I crazy cause I know I’m not thank you I wish not to give any names to protect his privacy and mine thank you

    1. Hi There!

      Astral pregnancy can produce spirit babies – babies that are waiting to be born. If you do not have the baby in the physical sense in this life. she will be waiting for you to be her mom in the next life.

      You’re not crazy. If you experience long-term feelings of being physically pregnant, it’s always a good idea to see a doctor for a complete physical.

      Best of luck!
      Allie 🙂


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