Staying calm when all hell is breaking out around you is a learned skill.

Now granted, hell has not broken out all around us. However, in this politically charged environment, we all have put forth the effort to remain calm in certain situations. It’s difficult though, don’t you think? I know when I’m home and not around others I can chill and let the frazzle slide off of me.

But I’m not home all the time and neither are you. We are out and about, connected to the news media, social media, and the opinions of others. Remaining calm during these moments can be challenging. I got so fed up with yelling at my Echo Dot that I’m running for the Ohio Statehouse as a Representative for District One –>

So me not being calm has led me to run for political office – lol. I will certainly need to be zen while I’m out and about.

Listen to this episode of Ask Allie to find out how you can be calm too.

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Show’s Notes

February 17, 2020

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